‘Rao Ramesh’ Voice – Beautiful Orchestration of Andhra Accent

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These instances are pretty rare, but they make a lightening impact on hearts and minds once they happen. Telugu accents are a variety. They carry their own charm wherever they prevail. Perhaps this is one reason why those who speak the chastest form of Telugu language are highly revered upon.

Some of us have begun to understand the beauty of this during the great ‘Rao Gopal Rao’ days, when a voice would resonate over from the modest TV sets across the households. Come ‘Sai Kumar’ era, there was a powerful roar. A booming echo of an intense voice that spelt out every word like a magical rendition. Making the Telugu film heroes run behind the man like needy chics, wanting to lip sync his profound articulation. The ‘Police Story’ went on become a story of sorts, indeed.

Come the new age of technology and everything can be modulated and amplified. The rise of the laid back industry called dubbing opened up great avenues for the talented and aspiring artists. However, there is one voice prevailing yet again, surpassing all kinds of equipment and advancements. It’s called the ‘Rao Ramesh’ dialect. Quite honestly, this one cannot be imitated with perfection.

The actor and artiste who continues to steal hearts with both his voice and performance, Rao Ramesh is a welcome respite in the fast paced changing game plan in the field of film making. He proudly carries forward the great tradition. His very own legacy from the generation above. Such crystal clear diction, that you are swept off your feet to go back and revisit the old times of simplistic lives in in the Telugu households. Such an impeccable intonation, a standing example of betterment for the younger aspirants in the field. Rao Ramesh flaunts an indomitable persona that only enhances with his pure usage of the language.

Slowly but steadily, the craving for polished language is coming back into fashion. We should owe that to this man who goes simply modest about such a rare talent. It’s no wonder that Rao Ramesh gets into every virally spreading funny video made in Telugu, with his trademark dialogues from the film SVSC being incorporated. Actually, it is an accomplishment for the artiste that millions of Telugu people love to listen to his olive oil voice over and over, without getting bored.



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