Ramya Krishnan – A Real Sivagami, Then And Now

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90’s was the era of aggressive leading ladies. Telugu film stories back then had a massive depth allotted for the heroine. Which means there was a plenty of scope to perform. All this because there were women who entered the industry at that time with such a gamut of force. They were an incredible mix of beauty, grace, talent and willingness to experiment. Ramya Krishnan undoubtedly fit the bill in every aspect and rose to become one of the top performers back in the day.

The versatile actress with great quantity of oomph turns 48 today. And yet, it still feels like yesterday when she delivered some mind blowing characters on screen in all South Indian languages. Ramya Krishnan dazzled the Telugu screen with a wide variety of roles that mesmerized the audience. Interestingly, her characters met all segments of the market. Ramya had the audacity to gamble her career by playing threatening roles that could have taken away her star status. But she never backed down. She went on and on, exploring the nuances involved in the game called acting.

From a sexy young something to a strong woman, Ramya Krishnan was a real Sivagami all through. Her personality reflected a hint of the devil’s dare that was required of a woman to stand the test of times and deal with circumstances. How else would she willingly invite the residents of her colony in one of her films to a ‘divorce party’ and take down that loser husband? Ramya Krishnan knew how to control the predicament social issues addressed on screen. She set an example of unique approach to the stagecraft.

Imagine anyone else who could have played the arrogant and overwhelmingly revengeful Neelambari against Superstar Rajinikanth. There is no scope for any of us to imagine a better star who would have carried off that role with such panache. Krishnan’s acting went shockingly head to head with the superstar himself, something rarely heard or seen in the history of South Cinema.

Three decades gone by the industry and Ramya Krishnan continues to be a great example of refined dramatics. It comes as no wonder that she was cast as a powerful and mighty Sivagami in S S Rajamouli’s worldwide blockbuster Baahubali. She could scare the devils out of those opposing with her mere eyes.

Ramya Krishnan, one of the finest we have, had and always will. There she was, a Sivagami, throughout her career.

Happy Birthday to Ramya Krishnan.



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