Pawan Kalyan’s Powerful Impact At UKTA

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Power Star appreciates the honest efforts made by UKTA to showcase Telugu heritage in its true charisma.

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, who is known to be usually reclusive and low key, made quite a stir on the social media the last two days. PK was all over social networking platforms, as he made his way to London to attend the function organized by United Kingdom Telugu Association. The frenzy fans have been clicking his pictures, right from his arrival at the Shashabad International Airport until the point he reached London. Some of the fans went berserk, posing selfies with the star as much as they could.

The best part about the event was Pawan’s active presiding at the event and appreciating the values of Telugu culture and heritage on the international podium. Pawan’s arrival was flanked by thousands of Telugu fans who live in London, waiting to get glimpse of their favorite star.

Pawan Kalyan took to the stage and made a compelling speech about the rich glory of Telugu culture, literature and performing arts. His views were highly revered and respected, considering the depth in which he spoke it all.

The star, who is known for his extreme interest in Telugu folk music, specially appreciated UKTA for organizing such a grandiose event that truly showcased the Telugu legacy.



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