On Screen Tollywood Men – Sheer Delightful Myth

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Men and manners has been the subject of speculation for women over the years. And vice versa. Reel life Demi Gods have a huge impact on the way young women have been foreseeing things for themselves in real time relationships. This legacy of self-betrayal is reputed to have transcended from generations. We are not at fault. Our mothers have been duped. And so were our grandmothers. Can’t say for the period before as watching a movie in a theater those times was considered as good as committing an adultery.

Believe it or not, after all the Gregory Pecks, Dev Anands and Shah Rukh Khans, Tollywood men stand no far from casting that powerful influence on the normal people. Most of us live ultra-regular lives and have 9 to 5 stuff happening. But we love indulging in a little dreamy like trance of romance with those glammed up men and women on screen. More often than not, these dream boys and girls creep into our real life expectations, becoming a reality rather than a silent escapade.

Young Telugu women have and continue to derive their inspiration of that ‘Ideal Man’ from the silver screen. It all starts from home. When your mother wants you to marry a real life Jagapati Babu of Subhalagnam who applies a Bottu  on his forehead and goes to office. On the other side, you will crave for that persistent lover Nagarjuna who questions “Yeh? Yeh?” in Geethanjali or Madhavan of Sakhi who silently contemplates to take you and elope from the cliched society. To the far extreme, craving for that Nani who is reborn as a housefly. Right from the legendary Late ANR to the recent highly intriguing Sampoornesh, the expectation setting has been blown out of proportion. While this is quite amazing in one way, not so healthy in another.

nag On Screen Tollywood Men – Sheer Delightful Myth

Nag’s performance in Geethanjali as a persistent lover stole the hearts of millions.

I will subtly state, there are both pros and cons to the kind of expectations set by the leading men of Tollywood. We all have one girlfriend who would want a la Venkatesh to convince her parents like shown in the film Nuvvu Naaku Nachav. Or another who is swayed off her feet with Ram’s punch dialogues in Kandireega and his larger than life act of securing, protecting and winning over the over the top naive Hansika. These are some randoms. There are a countless more. Even the Baahubalis of the period world set unrealistic examples, jumping off the cliffs after drawing a face out of the mask. They have all the time to explore their hunch. Surprisingly, they also end up meeting their illusions. Come real world, even the reality is not spent time with.

The mighty men of box office allure, dazzle and swag. Those heroes with ‘romantic’ tags have shown some cosmic ideas to women about how the real men should actually cuddle and spoon while on the bed. On the contrary, the poor ordinary men with monthly incomes and heavy EMIs are often too tired and stressed out to meet the mythical expectations. While the women protest on why their men cant be those charming knights who suddenly rob a luxury bike and get to them at giant speeds, the more practical dudes of the current times set the timer to ‘chillax’ and continue their alternative wandering on Facebook. “I would have come met you, but I have a deadline’. Or, better yet “Let’s catch up over the weekend”. And sometimes, “Yeah I miss you, but we have a world cup final today, no?” And the, dreams fall apart for some. Other recover and regain balance.

While it all looks so bloody awesome and lustfully wanting, on screen men carry a great responsibility for their women masses, like Spidermen. No reverse kissing please. It is actually great to see these wonderful performers sticking to the script and delivering duplicity. The poor victims on the other end have a tumultuous task to figure it all out. After living a great fictional life with that dream man, that is. Perhaps these screen Gods try balancing the act with some real to life roles and then some surreal ones. Can’t really figure out, especially when women also silently love the dark knights and not the everyday Sherlocks who boringly happen at beck and call.

Life goes on. And revelations happen. And as the line goes..“Cut Out Chusi Konni Konni Nammeyaali Dude”..



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