Nippu Ra! Bring on The Superstar I Say!!

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Superstar Rajini. He is our favorite ‘Dhalapathy’. He is the invincible ‘Basha’ who deals with baddies and roughens up the evil goons. He is the loving ‘Narasimha’ who endures life situations showing grit and might. Whatever Rajini does is simply amazing. Language or region no bar here. The ‘Kabali’ is loved by the Telugus as much as he is by the Tamils and the rest of the world.

kabali3 Nippu Ra! Bring on The Superstar I Say!!

Both Superstar Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan enjoy great fan following in Andhra, as much as they do in Chennai. The two heroes are heavily worshipped for their inimitable style and acting prowess. Interestingly, Rajini takes the lead as economy class (‘Mass plus class’) while Kamal caters to the executive section. Decades gone by, Telugu fans here revere Rajini for his unique and ‘never before never again’ personality. The legend continues to enjoy same kind of hysterical following as he did, years ago.

kabali4 Nippu Ra! Bring on The Superstar I Say!!

Rajinikanth shares an amazing connect with Telugu audience. His diction, acting, mannerisms and most importantly, his charm have been a part of middle class lives here. He enjoys equal hero worship with the likes of Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna. The best part about Rajini films is also content. There is always a great message conveyed at the end or an untold truth presented in the form of an engaging plot. The superstar does full justice to his role, irrespective of the genre or time. Rajinikanth prevails on the Telugu masses with an undefinable kind of influence. He is an addiction.

kabali1 Nippu Ra! Bring on The Superstar I Say!!

After a long time, the fans here are to get the dose of total Rajinikanth entertainment. Kabali is set to strike the theaters tomorrow. Be it the multiplexes or B n C centers, everything is ‘Sold out’ for the next three days. The feeling is nothing short of a festival.

There will be a story, there will be loads of action and most importantly, there will be Superstar strutting his swagger on the big screen. Kabali marks the end of a long wait. Kabali holds out great promise in terms of quality movie entertainment in South Indian Cinema offered in typical ‘Rajini’ style.

Nippu Ra!!

Bring on the Superstar!! Respect.



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