Nagarjuna’s Top Five On Screen Ladies

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Nag is a heart breaker. In fact, he is one of the very few stars in the world of Telugu Cinema who flaunts more than a million woman followers. For many, Akkineni Nagarjuna is ageless. The son of late scion Akkineni Nageswara Rao came into the tinsel town to perform in various kinds of roles. Over four decades, Nag walked away winning infinite number of hearts.

On screen leading ladies who acted opposite the star are remarkable in themselves. We can call it the smartness of effective casting. When the heart throb was set head to head in action, with only the best of them.

Here are five leading ladies who worked along with Nagarjuna and set the screen on fire, undoubtedly!

Amala (Now Amala Akkineni)

amala Nagarjuna’s Top Five On Screen Ladies

His leading lady both in real and reel, Amala was a sweet match opposite young Nagarjuna. There was something absolutely magical about the pair. No surprises that they had to end up in a wed lock post the on screen repartee. Their chemistry was hard to miss in films like Shiva and Nirnayam. We can actually call them that perfect couple in every sense!

Ramya Krishnan

Ramya Nagarjuna’s Top Five On Screen Ladies

Ramya Krishnan was a fiery fiesta. A rip roaring action queen of sorts, who gave sweaty competition to even her male counterparts. The Sivagami of Baahubali was definitely a sensational pairing with Nag, in the nineties. Their films had their characters built close to some spectacular vividness. Ramya Krishnan and Nagarjuna go back in time, having worked in some blockbuster films like Hello Brother, Criminal and Annamayya.


Tabu Nagarjuna’s Top Five On Screen Ladies

Those who still remember the steamy combo of Srinu-Pandu in Ninne Pelladatha can never forget the tall, broad shouldered and beautiful Tabu walking down in a Georgette Saree to meet her lover. Nagarjuna and Tabu’s pairing was everything called a romantic escapade. There was an X factor there, seemingly visible in every frame. Now, they may have not worked in many films together, but that one Krishna Vamsi rendition made all the difference. She is definitely his on screen types.


Nayan Nagarjuna’s Top Five On Screen Ladies

This is some real good pairing, as per me. Nayan is smart, spontaneous and methodical as a starlet. Her acting with Nagarjuna in films like Boss and Greeku Veerudu spelled intellectualism. The pair could not really work it commercially with great hits. Nevertheless, their on screen musings are a feast to the eye of a movie goer.


anushka Nagarjuna’s Top Five On Screen Ladies

Well, I rest my case. For this is it. Nag and Anushka became the latest hot pairing to happen in Telugu Cinema. Anushka’s tall frame and penchant to deliver in any kind of role worked wonders with Nag’s projects. They did some real good films together in the recent times, like Don, Ragada and the very latest, Damarukam.

Needless to say, Nag always makes it look good with any of his colleague on screen. Wish Nagarjuna Akkineni many more blockbusters and great on screen leading ladies ahead!



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