Kamal Haasan – 56 Years of Cinematic Brilliance

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“Kamal Haasan. Oh! He can play any character, do any kind of role”
“He is a creative genius at his most crazy!!”
“Kamal Haasan is a veteran. Never before, never again”
These would be some of the comments that we usually hear when the name Kamal Haasan comes into discussion. The man who is reputed for his boundless love for cinema and does not see mere horizons when it comes to performing arts.

Kamal Haasan completes 56 rich years in Indian Cinema today. Five decades of infinite movies, sensational roles, trend setting characters and millions of fans. Telugu audience for one have built a strong attachment with Kamal. He is the one of the greatest actors they have been watching, transcend over from Tamil to Telugu courtesy both remakes and dubs.

Bharat Kamal Haasan – 56 Years of Cinematic Brilliance

His role as a vigilante fighting corruption in Bharateeyudu was heavily applauded

Kamal Haasan does not follow patterns. He loves experimenting with thousands of shades. Aspires to paint the screen with hundreds of emotions and untold stories. His love for all kinds of visual arts has been clearly seen with the kind of performances that he had put up and the films he has directed.

Kamal Haasan accomplished what no other actor has. He had touched the pinnacle of quality rich acting and film making. He does not confine himself to the regular. Usual is super boring for him. He is eccentric, futuristic and effortlessly adaptable to any kind of plot and genre. Who else can play 10 characters in one film and still get away with unique treatment and adaptation for each? Only Kamal Haasan.

akali-rajyam-1 Kamal Haasan – 56 Years of Cinematic Brilliance

Young Kamal played an idealistic youth in Akali Rajyam.

Telugu cinema had seen him get real on screen. Playing the angry young man with ideologies in Aakali Rajyam, passionate dancer in Saagara Sangamam, intense lover and husband in Swati Muthyam. From romance to fighting corruption like a true Bharateeyudu, Kamal Haasan set high rise standards for the next generation to follow. His acting is always set as a benchmark by the younger ones while trying their luck with a variety of roles. Kamal Haasan has become a true mentor unknowing to his own self, with fifty six years of priceless contribution to Indian cinema.

His personal life was always of interest to his fans and the media. Kamal, however, was never fatigued with the growing success nor the falling relationships. He kept his head straight and delivered one film after the other. Scoring brownie points as an able actor. There was no end point to Kamal’s acting. He was always evolving as a performer. He believes in method acting. He studies his characters to their darkest places. He lives those roles.

From playing the feminist ‘Arun’ in Anthuleni Katha to trying some serious wits and humor in the four roles of Michael Madana Kama Raju, Kamal is an evergreen favorite in Telugu. Perhaps one actor from Tamil who was never treated that way. His Telugu diction is super adorable, adding that X factor to romance. His dialogue delivery is a pertinent plus, subtle and effective. For once, Telugu people found a true actor who glided through limitations and settled comfortably inside their hearts.

rare-snap-of-kamal-hassan Kamal Haasan – 56 Years of Cinematic Brilliance

Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth with ace director late K Balachander

Kamal came back time and again to meet his Telugu fans on screen. Everytime he returned, there was a new surprise in store. His performance in films like K Balachander’s Idi Katha Kaadu,  Indrudu Chandrudu and super amazing role as Bharatheeyudu made the audience flock to theaters. They wanted to see their favorite method actor to sizzle every time. And it always worked.

56 years of Kamalism, they say. We pray for another 56. Live on, Kamal Haasan!



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