K S Chithra – Five Reasons Why She Is A Telugu In Spirit

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She may have been born in Thiruvananthapuram. She would have come from the adjacent state to sing for our movies. But K S Chithra, also fondly called as Chithra Amma, stole our hearts for years like a girl next door. Perhaps this is the very reason why we really cannot see her as anything other than our own Telugu Aadapadachu.

As Chithra Amma turns 51 today, KostaLife revisits her great and massive contribution to Telugu Film Industry. Chithra, the recipient of six National Film Awards, Six Filmfare Awards South and 31 different other state awards, enthralled music lovers for over three decades with her soothing heavenly voice. It comes as no surprise she has been honored with a title Chinna Kuyil (Little Nightingale). Chithra Amma continues to be a standing inspiration for young singers.

Here are Five Important Reasons Why Chithra Amma is more of A Telugu in Spirit 

1. Voice That Represented Young Telugu Woman’s Encore

C5 K S Chithra - Five Reasons Why She Is A Telugu In Spirit

Chithra’s voice was and still is perfect to go with any actress. Her voice simply elevated and lifted the personality of any on screen actress who lip synced to her songs. Surprisingly, Chithra’s voice collaborated with all kinds of starlets and their roles, irrespective of their character on screen. From Aakashana Suryudundadu to Nuvvosthaante in the recent times, Chithra had also sung for actresses of three generations.

2. Clear Telugu Diction

c2 K S Chithra - Five Reasons Why She Is A Telugu In Spirit

Young Chithra set to create a legacy of her own

When Chithra Amma sings, one would hear the spirit of a Telugu woman inside it. Her clear diction in Telugu remains impeccable and untouched. There would be such an ease of words flowing into musical harmony that a listener is bound to be merged into the rendition.

3. Flexibility To Sing All Genres

Be it New Age or Folk, Chithra Amma understands the depth of Telugu people so very well. Her ability to sing all kinds of songs in various compositions proves this fact.  Her quick adaptation to changing times and music makes her a singing legend of sorts.

dsp K S Chithra - Five Reasons Why She Is A Telugu In Spirit

With Devi Sri Prasad At Mirchi Music Awards 2012

4. Worked With Telugu Composers

Apart from Tamil and Malayalam, Chithra Amma had worked with Telugu composers like Mani Sharma, Devi Sri Prasad, Achu and Mickey J Meyer. Every composer that she had worked with had only one thing to say – Chithra Amma is a legend in herself.

5. Sang Some Remarkable Melodies in Telugu

c3 K S Chithra - Five Reasons Why She Is A Telugu In Spirit

Some of the Chithra’s songs in Telugu have gone on to become evergreen numbers. Be it Kaliki Chilaka in Seetharamaiah Gari Manavaralu or Venuvai Vachchanu from Matrudevobhava, she out shone with her voice.

Chithra Amma continues to give outstanding stage performances and sing for films. Her contribution to the society at large with philanthropy had also been purposeful. We hope that Chithra Amma continues to sing for years and come and make us stay close to true Telugu feelings.



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