Janmashtami Special – Top 5 Tollywood Songs on Lord Krishna

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Today marks the holy Hindu festival, Janmashtami, Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary. We all know Lord Krishna explained in various representations in Gita and the Puranas. Telugu films, for one, have glorified this naughty and mighty God who is a Maha Avatar of Lord Vishnu and protects the three worlds.
Most times, Lord Krishna’s songs are all about how he playfully steals butter from his mom Yashoda or opens his mouth to show the entire universe. Lord’s flirtatious adulations with his Gopikas is also well portrayed, and may we add, conveniently so.

Here Are The Top 5 Songs In Tollywood On Lord Krishna

Aligina Velane Choodali

A vintage. Sure shot classic this, the song is evergreen with the presence of two acting legends, NTR and Savitri. The whole comparison of the leading man’s frown with that of Lord Krishna is very endearing. Aligina Velane Choodali from Gunamma Katha is an eternal favorite in Telugu households.

Nirajala Galada Naa Yanathi

The song of relevance, Nirajala Galada Naa Yanathi from the film Srikrishna Tulabharam has been playing down from ages. Actress Jamuna’s mind blowing performance as arrogant SathyaBhama is well adored. Amazing rendition.

Muddugare Yashoda

This cute ‘aww’ garnering song from Padamati Sandhya Ragam is well known. The film revolves around romantic love story between a Telugu girl and an American boy. In this song, the same is showcased with little children. The little American chappie playing Lord Krishna here is the main highlight.

Piliche Pedavula Paina

Slightly off the hook, the song from Khaleja is beautiful for that Lord Krishna connect and the setting of his worship. Even though he was compared with Lord Shiva in the film, Mahesh Babu looks no less cuter than the imagery of Gopala himself

Bhaje Bhaaje

This is my new top pick on Lord Krishna. Bhaje Bhaaje from Gopala Gopala is a super awesome composition reflecting the spirit of Jamashtami. Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Victory Venkatesh celebrating the occasion on the screen is a dream come true for millions of fans. Good job with music, Anoop Rubens.



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