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His surname carries a certain legacy. But Nara Rohith is quite contrary on the eye. Surprisingly unassuming and completely chilled out, Rohith sparks a regal upbringing. His exposure to the world is evident from the way he puts forth his inner view points. Candid yet choosy with words, Nara Rohith is definitely a personality of depth.

One of the most bankable actors in Tollywood today, Nara Rohith has an amazing capacity to keep it all grounded. A man of selective words and ingrained thoughts, he is more into delving into his acting prowess than anything in the world.

Nara Rohith speaks to KostaLife, unveiling some lesser known facets. He speaks with Deepa Balasubramanian on the sets of his film, sharing insights about life, films, relationships and his bonding with uncle Sri N Chandrababu Naidu.

You complete six years in Telugu film industry. 6 films, including 1 cameo, all in a span of six years. How does that feel?

(Smiles) It definitely feels good. I had an opportunity to try out all kinds of genres in a span of six years, and all have been pleasantly received by the audience. Most directors that I work with are new comers, and it is always an edge to work with people who have lesser or no baggage. I have been flexible with any kind of budget, as long as the script looked viable. Thankfully, all my directors are fresh in their ideologies and futuristic of sorts.

You are presently looked upon as one of the most bankable actors by film makers and a sensible performer by the audience. Is the pressure mounting?

Nothing like that. I have been doing various kinds of films, and all of them carried a good dose of entertainment. For me, the script matters a great deal. As long as that part is sorted, I don’t see any pressures mounting from my end. At the end of the day, the characters that I play should be deep enough to make sense.

You have also graduated from New York Film academy and studied film making at Las Vegas. Given that young directors have already started thinking differently, how do you foresee the quality of film making in the coming years in Telugu?

What I have studied was more of a theoretical part. But what I see now is all bare practicality of it. Quality of a film depends on the director. The output generated depends a lot deal on who is calling shots behind the camera. New York that way is more organized in film making.

Here, the directors think solely from audience perspective. Now they focus on what will really appeal, not compromising on the freshness of thought and idea. This is one good change. With more and more young content flowing down the line, the industry will adapt to new ideologies. It is already getting there.

Nara3 "I Live, Breathe And Think Sensible Cinema" - Nara Rohith

Out of all the films that you have acted, which one stands out to be your own personal high?

A lot of people like Solo, which is a family entertainer. Pratinidhi is definitely my personal favourite. A film with a hard hitting script and a compelling end message. Performance wise, Rowdy Fellow was a delightful film to have worked in.

You are also famously known as the nephew of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu. Can you share some nostalgic memories from your upbringing with your uncle?

Honestly speaking, my interaction with Peddanaanna (uncle) had begun more off late, especially after I have taken up acting and kicked off a career with films. My uncle is a person of great knowledge and insight. All of us know the way he thinks; always ahead of times. On a lighter note, he always keeps telling me to do more popcorn entertainers, away from too much of seriousness.

My uncle believes in young ideas. While we were in college or getting together as a family, he would come up and ask our ideas on a particular subject. He believes in innovation and out of the box approach.

Nara2 "I Live, Breathe And Think Sensible Cinema" - Nara Rohith

What about your camaraderie with cousin Lokesh?

We have been close as cousins. Lokesh is a chilled out person. But he is always focussed on working towards better results within the party. He is definitely clear about his thing in life. We get together like other normal cousins and spend good time whenever possible.

Six years and now all set for coming years full of projects. How is your career looking ahead in terms of roles?

Six years was tough. It was not easy at all. I had to start off like any other guy. But these six years helped me get prepped. The experience made me get exposed to different scripts. I want to do more stories, more films. A workable director with right vibes always gives me an edge and makes me perform better.

Nara1 "I Live, Breathe And Think Sensible Cinema" - Nara Rohith

Your performance in the film Pratinidhi was critically loved, placing you under the category of sensible actors with method. How do you work on building your performance with such characters?

With Pratinidhi, there was plenty to deliver.  I had great amount of screen space with that role. My character portrayal could be easily observed. When we started the film, 45 minutes in a single room, we have decided that the flow should not be a monotonous affair. We were careful not to have same kind of modulation. There was sarcasm in the character, and there was depth. I have learnt a lot from Kota Srinivasa Rao Garu through this film. We connected and bonded more, where I had a chance to learn new things on the sets from him.  As a veteran, he had so much to impart.

Nara Rohith for many stands for the term ‘quality’. Do you feel that there is a lacking with quality acting off late?

Let us be honest here. The kind of film and the budgets may not match all the time. Some films overspend. Scripts need their relevant budget and competent actors. There should be a balance between time and money. Working with new talent makes me believe that quality is definitely improving off late.

Once u do a film with young directors, expectations are less. There is also more scope to explore with acting and film making and not restrict to a certain setting or idea.

You have been socially active only off late, interacting with fans via digital medium. How’s the traction?

The digital media is a great way to interact with my fans. I have been frequently updating the details about all my upcoming projects and sharing thoughts on my micro blogging pages. This is definitely a great way to go. My own team handles the digital media and they are doing an agile job. I will strive to be more connected with my followers and fans in the coming days. Stay tuned to know more about my film updates. A lot lies ahead.

And is Nara Rohith planning on entering the land of politics?

Not in the near future. Films are my priority as of now. I live, breathe and think sensible cinema.

What about your personal life? Any plans to settle soon?

(Laughs) Perhaps another year and I will settle. Its all about doing more films right now. I’m usually an indoor guy. You will find me either at work or at home.

What’s your advice to the new kids vying to make a career in acting?

Work hard, choose good scripts and believe in the word ‘dedication’. It pays off eventually.

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