Happy Father’s Day – Five Adorable On Screen Dads in Tollywood

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Tollywood has been the foothold for many family dramas that touched masses intensively. Since time immemorial, various relationships have been effectively written, portrayed and showcased on the silver screen. Actors came and went, leaving behind some remarkable roles that were ever played. They set vital trends among their fans too.

Celebrating Father’s Day today, here are the five superb actors who played adorable dads on screen in the recent times.
1. Prakash Raj
PK Happy Father's Day - Five Adorable On Screen Dads in Tollywood
Prakash Raj has been instrumental playing an iconic daddy figure in Tollywood. He set the new catch phrase, Bommarillu Prakash Raj, playing father to Siddharth in the film. He is that strict father who is also a control freak. In fact, this was not the first time he played dad to Siddharth in Tollywood.
Prakash Raj played the role of the father who calls all the shots at home, micro managing the lives of all his family members to the point of humiliation, his son in particular. Bommarillu fetched him a cult recognition in the fatherland. Most real fathers with controlling instincts are now nicknamed as ‘Bommarillu lo Prakash Raj‘. Interestingly, his daddy repetition in Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu took a total 360 degree turn. Prakash Raj proved that he can be the father for all moods and seasons!
This Bommarillu dad went on to become an epic daddy of sorts in the recent times.
2. Late Sri Hari
sh Happy Father's Day - Five Adorable On Screen Dads in Tollywood
We sure miss late Srihari, not only as a character artiste, but also as a person who is humane in real sense. Srihari played father and brother multiple times in Telugu films, carrying that awesome Telangana diction in some of the movies that became eternal home DVD favorites. The late actor known for his versatility showcased great affection quotient in his roles, bringing audience closer to him.
Srihari’s role as Samantha’s dad in the film Brindavanam was an instant hit, both among his fans and the movie goers alike.
3. Rao Ramesh
rr Happy Father's Day - Five Adorable On Screen Dads in Tollywood
He is fabulous for two things – that inimitable rich Telugu diction (runs in the family) and an unrelenting affinity to playing family characters. Rao Ramesh is very well admired and respected for his clean screen presence, strong connect with his on screen characters and value addition to the star cast of any Telugu film. Recently, his role as Shekhar, father of the two leading ladies in Attarinki Daredi won great applause. Rao Ramesh continues to dazzle as that ideal father on the silver screen.
4. SatyaRaj
sr Happy Father's Day - Five Adorable On Screen Dads in Tollywood
Underplaying yet strong, Tamil veteran Satyaraj may not know Telugu very well, but he proved his mettle as a father in the gamut of most Telugu households with the film Mirchi. After playing the typical overrated Tam Goon Appa in Bollywood’s Chennai Express, he played the role of a father to Prabhas in Mirchi, springing out a gentle dad character who is more of a friend who can sit and share a drink with his son to talk over things that matter.
5. Venkatesh
drushyam Happy Father's Day - Five Adorable On Screen Dads in Tollywood
Venkatesh continues to command respect with his amazing choice of roles. Here is one star who knows playing his age is a dignity more than running around trees. Venkatesh’s powerful role of a protecting father in the recent flick, Drushyam proved more than one point in totality. He effectively portrayed strong emotions of a father who tries to safeguard his daughters in the wake of sudden adversities. Venky is on his way to become the next Telugu film legend of sorts.

Here is wishing all the dads, young, old and new in the households of Telugu community all over this world a very Happy Father’s Day!!



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