Happy Birthday, SPB – Four Reasons Why The World Loves You Greatly!!

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Legendary singer S P Balasubrahmanyam turns 69 today. SPB is a great favorite with the Telugu speaking community. Affections reek high for him regardless of the passing time. The world loves this young lad from Nellore who touched pinnacles of success with his magnificent, golden voice. There is hardly a generation till now that does not know him, hailing from this part of the world. When SPB sings, universe smiles. Gloom disperses and joy takes over.

The icon of Indian music wears different hats today, but his passion boils down to what is core – singing. He continues to judge, uplift and motivate younger talents. He takes to the stage and sings along with them, all the time. Kids who share the podium with him feel blessed. They sense their journey has begun with positive vibrations and successful tidings.

Four reasons why the world loves SPB greatly

Insane modesty

SPB has recorded over 40,000 songs in several Indian languages. A National Film Award winner for many of his numbers and the achiever of highest civilian honors in the likes of Padmashri and Padma Bhushan. Yet, SPB maintains his humility. He is grounded as always, enjoying every bit of his passion. He looks forward to singing another great composition each passing day. The kind of modesty world endearingly feels great about.

Amazing Adaptability

Genre is and has never been a constraint for S P Balasubrahmanyam. He takes to carnatic and classical as effortlessly as he switches back and forth with pop and jazz. SPB can sing almost anything. He understands the depths of music like no other. Perhaps one of the main reasons why he is reckoned for his universal appeal. He can sing for Megastar Chiranjeevi as well as Salman Khan. Surprisingly, his voice goes very well with almost all of them.

Eats, Sleeps and Breathes Music

Music is everything for him. Starting a long journey from the scratch, SPB has come the hard way ever since his engineering days. Every singing avenue is a delight for him. The size of the podium or the audience does not matter. He sings his heart out in all the seasons and times. His love for musical instruments such as flute and harmonium is well known and respected.

Has worked with them all

From the great maestro Ilayaraja to ever effervescent Madras Mozart A R Rahman, SPB has worked with some of the best musical composers of the world. Language is never a barrier, nor is the style and approach. S P Balasubrahmanyam adapts, delivers and excels. He may not be as young as he was a decade ago, but SPB’s excitement and passion for music get younger by the day. He still looks forward to the next great evolution in music.

S P Balasubrahmanyam debuted as a playback singer in 1966. He continues to ride high and enjoy every bit of music inside his nerves in 2016. India is lucky to have such an accomplished singer. Hats off, sir!!



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