Happy Birthday, Megastar!!

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His Gang Leader was like a rise of phoenix from the ashes. A definitive makeshift, the film began a whole new era. Megastar Chiranjeevi is like the entirety of Telugu Cinema for many. Coming a long way and performing exceptionally well in various characters, Chiru has risen to the unique iconic status for the Telugus all over. I have not much to say about his new political idiosyncrasies.

Let’s talk about Chiru the actor, the star and a sure shot Tollywood icon.

Most of us grew up watching Chiranjeevi on screen – shaking a leg, fighting baddies, mesmerizing his Athiloka Sundaris. This is one undeniable fact that governs movie loving Telugu families. Heck, even a nerd who spent like 12 hours studying for his IIT would have bunked few classes to watch his films. Chiranjeevi evolved year after year, decade after decade. He surpassed all the limitations of time and concepts. He always belongs to the current times. Always upgraded.

indra Happy Birthday, Megastar!!

I still recall his film Gang Leader, a welcoming the new dawn for both the actor and his fans. Chiranjeevi’s performance, diction and ability to adapt to any kind of role is very well known. His sense of style is inimitable. Even though he got on to the makeover part rather slowly, Chiru began setting trends with his dressing and dialogue on screen. This goes back in time when he would wear multi coloured half sleeved shirts and influence the masses to go shop for some more baggies. Then came the era of the denims, where Chiru created sensationalism with commercial blockbusters. Faded jeans and white shirts started becoming a part of every wardrobe.

chiru-NTR Happy Birthday, Megastar!!

Films like Tagore, Indra and Stalin in the later part of his career right before entering politics swayed his huge fan following. The older Chiranjeevi only seemed to grow more and more younger, gyrating and stepping up wow dance moves along with his baby boy Ram Charan Tej as a guest star in the latter’s film. Chiru seemed impossible, unstoppable, unattainable and alluring forever.

chiru-charan Happy Birthday, Megastar!!

Chiru’s acting standards stay on like learning lessons to the next generation of actors. There are new age technicians who dream about working with the star, had there been a time machine. The younger lot totally adore and worship him, while those who lived young in his times credit many fond memories of movie watching to their favourite star.

siima-chiru Happy Birthday, Megastar!!

Days have gone by, but Chiranjeevi remains magnanimous with his standing in the film industry. A Godfather to some, a driving force to many and an indirect inspiration to a plethora of budding heroes. There is no stopping Indra Sena Reddy now, is there?



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