Happy Birthday Brahmi, Here’s Why We Love You!!

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Ace comedian of Tollywood, Brahmanandam turns 60 today. An impeccable actor’s colorful journey of nearly three decades. There is absolutely no Telugu popcorn flick that could possibly survive without Brahmi’s dose of comedy. He has been counted upon on various occasions by the directors as well as film lovers to deliver the best of comic content. There is no denying the fact that one cannot simply ignore Brahmi and stay without a smile. His magic is such.

Celebrating his birthday today, here are our prime reasons why Brahmi is the most loved comedian of Telugu Cinema

Superior Quality Performance

Be it any kind of comic role, Brahmanandam delivers it with perfection. From the silly servant in Aha Naa Pellanta to the dreaded Khan Dada, Brahmi ensures that he lives in the skin of his character. Precisely why most of his comic roles are remembered so clearly by the audience.

High Connectivity with Audience Pulse

Brahmi carries a rare gift of being able to connect with any kind of audience. His diction, dialogue delivery and facial gestures all add up to render a mind blowing stagecraft on screen. How many of us remember even the non Telugu speaking folks laughing loudly over his entry while commuting in a Volvo bus? We all do!

Unique Ability to Evoke Any Emotion

Brahmanandam is not always about rip roaring comedy and rib tickling laughter. Many a times, he had been a vital character in the film’s story, ensuring to evoke deep emotions within people by way of his performance. Be it happy or sad, people have laughed and cried equally over his screen presence.

Sheer Professionalism

Brahmi is known for his unquestionable discipline and professional attitude that was experienced even outside the shooting sets. He remains amazingly modest and calm throughout his career, humbly attributing his flying momentum to the late director Jandhyala.

Maintains the Same Demeanour

Times have changed but Brahmanandam has not. He continues to act with different kinds of actors and directors, without a hint of superiority complex. This is the very reason why he is loved by one and all in the film fraternity.

We wish this amazing human being and incredible comic actor a very happy birthday, with more years of comedy to come.





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