Guru Seems to Bring Out the Best of Venkatesh

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Guru, the much awaited boxing saga released in Telugu, and the reviews are nothing short of endearing compliments. Venkatesh Daggubati plays himself – rough on the edges, smooth with the finesse of acting and definitely older; and handsomer.

For the girls of 90’s like us, Venky has metamorphosed tremendously over the last two decades. Starting out as a young rebel, transgressing into a unavoidable romantic hero and now, keeping it subtle yet effective playing his age. Whoever said that a man’s life starts in his 40’s was damn right. Guru seems to bring out the very best of Venkatesh, perhaps more is on the cards ahead.

An actor and much followed star who lives a rather simplified life otherwise, Venkatesh has definitely matured with his choice of roles. He doesn’t seem to let insecurities prevail while playing characters that fit to perfection. Venky has no qualms about showing off those peppers, unmindful of the cliched industry where heroes try hard to look ridiculously young. Guru is not one such example. His film Drushyam proved that one does not need to try so hard and still make an impact, playing a decent role with substance.

While the fans are going frenzy about his brand new release, his many ardent women admirers right from the days of ‘Preminchukundam Raa’ are now getting to enjoy his evolution as an actor. Venkatesh sets great examples to many other stars in the industry. He makes a statement, hitting the ball straight out of the park – style is ageless, and so is talent.



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