From Mass to Class – Amazing Transformation of NTR

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If there is one actor who had a reprisal with image transformation, that would be Junior NTR, undoubtedly. The pride of Nandamuri legion went on to prove that there is no one who can come even remotely closer to his levels of determination. The actor and star who stuns the audience with the trademark roaring voice that reminds people of his scion grandfather went through several phases in the industry.

The amazing transformation of Junior NTR is the subject of admiration for young men who aspire to make a shining career in Tollywood. NTR did not have his ride easy. His path was filled with challenges, where the young Tarak had to constantly reinvent himself to meet the expectations of the Telugu audience.

From mass to class, here are some spectacular roles and characters where Tarak had to go through transformations of sorts:


aadi1 From Mass to Class - Amazing Transformation of NTR

Amma thodu..Addam Ga Narikestha

People will definitely remember the above power packed dialogue from the film Aadi. NTR Junior recreated the magic of Thoda Kottudu (hitting on the thigh) and belting out punch dialogues with films during his early career, such as Aadi and Student No 1. The actor looked heavy, chubby and massive in his earlier days and still rocked with great dance moves.


yama From Mass to Class - Amazing Transformation of NTR

The era of weight loss began. Yamadonga re launched Junior NTR’s innings. The S S Rajamouli’s directorial saw the phenomenal rise of Tarak as Yama, matching the finesse of his late grandfather. People loved the makeover. The periodical look soared on the young star like a charm. People began to see the superstar in the making.


adhurs From Mass to Class - Amazing Transformation of NTR

Dressed up as ‘Chari’, NTR’s Baapan look was an instant hit with the masses, along with that typical Brahmalla diction. Tarak proved that nothing could stop him from trying on a variety. Absolutely nothing.


brindavanam From Mass to Class - Amazing Transformation of NTR

This film will mark the new phase of look for the actor. From mass to subtle class, Brindavam showcased the light weight NTR with sassy casuals, boy next door look and modern hair dos. NTR Junior represented the new age urban youngsters of the current times.


baadshah From Mass to Class - Amazing Transformation of NTR

Welcome the Tarak with an uber cool style and attitude. A brilliant mix of mas and class with penchant for powerful lines. The incredible styling with hair and attire seemed to have cast quite an impact. Baadshah the box office rage had officially launched the star into a higher regime of things to come.


temper From Mass to Class - Amazing Transformation of NTR

Tarak with six pack abs and metropolitan looks is a welcome sign to the Telugu audience. Temper enhanced Junior NTR’s style quotient, taking things to the next level.

Nannaku Prematho

nannaku From Mass to Class - Amazing Transformation of NTR

Here is the new age, absolutely stunning and stylish NTR. Toned down body, classy outfits, latest hair do and tantalizingly subdued performance. Utter class rendition with absolutely no mass touch anywhere. Tarak is now raring to go as a full fledged versatile actor and star.

There is more amazing Junior NTR ahead for the fans in the coming days, we guess.




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