Five Unforgettable Black And White Classics Of ANR

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Akkineni Nageswara Rao – the name is legendary in itself when it comes to Telugu Cinema. The late scion of Telugu Film Industry was a performer of sorts even before the East Man Color came calling on screen. ANR is a renowned persona, well recognized for his super versatile acting prowess and magical screen presence. Fondly referred to as a ladies man at that time, ANR had the panache to pull off any kind of role under the sun, making the films become blockbusters at box office. 

Today marks the first birth anniversary of Sri Late ANR. With a filmography of whopping 256 films, the legend faced the camera till his very last days.

Here are Five Black and White super hits that put Akkineni Nageswara Rao on a high rising pedestal of fame and popularity.

Devadasu (1953)

devadas Five Unforgettable Black And White Classics Of ANR

Inevitably, Devadasu will remain one of the landmark films in his early days as an actor. Based on the national wide popular novel by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay, ANR played the role of lead protagonist Devadasu. His performance as a hopeless lover with constant bottlenecks in the matters of heart with lover Parvati fetched tremendous response. Veteran actress Savitri played the role of Parvati, and this denoted the beginning of a hit pair deigning to transcend and rule silver screen the coming days.

Mayabazar (1957)

maya2 Five Unforgettable Black And White Classics Of ANR

Perhaps one of the most classic films ever made in Indian Cinema, everybody in the Telugu speaking world knows about Mayabazar. Star studded cast, mighty ensembles, large sets and exceptional costumes, the film was also reckoned for some breathtaking performances coming from lead actors. ANR acted along side greats like NTR, SVR and Gummadi and shone in his character Abhimanyu. His role was well received and put him directly in the category of the most wanted romantic heroes.

Gundamma Katha (1962)

gundamma Five Unforgettable Black And White Classics Of ANR

The breezy family entertainer is one of the pivotal films in ANR’s list of go getters. His role as a brother to NTR sparked excitement among both category of fan groups. Both ANR and NTR mesmerized and looked every bit like siblings, while going on take over Gunadamma’s daughters in marriage. Gundamma Katha continues to be a blockbuster home favorite for many, just to revisit ANR’s outstanding acting skills as the character Raja. Jamuna interestingly played his love interest this time, while Savitri was paired opposite NTR. The casting remains to be super fabulous till day.

Sri Krishnarjuna Yuddham (1962)

Sri Five Unforgettable Black And White Classics Of ANR

The magical casting of NTR and ANR continued down the line with periodicals as they delivered like a charm. Sri Krishnarjuna Yuddham saw some powerful performances from both the stars, with ANR playing the Arjuna and NTR as Sri Krishna. The film was a super successful rendition coming from two legendary greats.

Mooga Manasulu (1964)

Mooga Five Unforgettable Black And White Classics Of ANR

Mooga Manasulu will remain to be one of ANR’s intense performances in his galaxy of many roles. Playing a boatman and yet capturing the hearts of millions comes only to this iconic actor with a gift. The film was well received for some deep dialogues, notable performances and touching story line surrounding love. ANR, a true romantic, did full justice to the part that he played in the film.

These and many more, the late veteran’s films continue to astound us till day. ANR’s classics will remain etched in the history of Telugu Cinema forever.

ANR Lives On!! 



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