Five Things About Prabhas That Women Totally Dig

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Prabhas, the ‘Rebel’ star has many followers. In Telugu Cinema, where men are conventionally supposed to be tall, towering and mighty powerful, Prabhas more than fits the bill. In fact, he cracks open even the most conventional of showbiz to unconventional limits. Some say it’s his charm, while others say it’s just his personality. Prabhas proved that he was more than what fills up both the eyes at one glance. He proved that he can be a tremendous performer too.

Women fall more for Prabhas than what men like about him. It’s to do with that mysterious aura coupled with definite sexual stimuli. Prabhas displays an out and out hot appeal, and there is no denying that. This is precisely the reason why our Baahubali has a massive female following all over the world.

As the happening handsome hero of Tollywood turns a year older and more hotter, let us look at five things that women absolutely like and love about Prabhas.

Demi God Like Looks

prabhas-1 Five Things About Prabhas That Women Totally Dig

While women were once happy, settling for the average to rich  chocolate boy looks on screen, Prabhas arrived to show them a little exotic. Fresh Demi God like looks with a Greek warrior like appeal, the Rebel star showed that while he can flex the muscles, he can also steal hearts. His role in the film Chatrapathi was the firsts to have mixed masculine hotness with promising talent to applaud.

A Touch of Innocence

prabhas4 Five Things About Prabhas That Women Totally Dig

It’s not enough for a Hulk to be in rage all the time, proves Prabhas. His sensitive side as a romantic hero who woos the leading lady with sheer innocence laden eyes. It all went down very well with the love sick category of female fans, willing to part from their sane side forever. Prabhas sure knows how to get the attention.

Hots For His Diction

prabhas3 Five Things About Prabhas That Women Totally Dig

Prabhas’ s coastal diction with a subtle touch of modern tone is as hot as his body. There is a certain something in the way he renders a dialogue, particularly in the family dramas and the like. The angry voice is also fine, so long the coastal touch holds it. Women absolutely have the hots for that rare diction.

His Leaning, Jaunty Walk

prabhas-main Five Things About Prabhas That Women Totally Dig

A towering man who walks jauntily and yet stylishly. Now, what woman will not want to see that often? Prabhas has a way of walk that appeals to his crazy women fans. There is a bit of leaning forward as he walks, perhaps the ‘tall people’ syndrome of dealing with their excessive height. He is dealing with it damn right, alright.

Magnificent Disposition

prabhas5 Five Things About Prabhas That Women Totally Dig

His body countenance and disposition says it all. Prabhas will look like warrior Baahubali even without that armor on. We can call his disposition as a sure shot in born gift, something he can bank on for years to come. Women totally adore the mighty and imposing identity that Prabhas has. Something of truly international standards.

Here is wishing our towering star many more fans and wonderful film sojourn ahead.



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