Five Strikingly Different Films of S S Rajamouli

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He is one of the most enigmatic directors we have in Telugu Cinema today. S S Rajamouli, known for his impeccable movie making skills and visual presentation needs no introduction. A ‘no flop’ director whose every single film worked at the box office. He keeps the audience hooked and his colleagues intrigued. S S Rajamouli films carry a reputation of their own.

As the gutsy director turns 41 today, let us look at five of his striking films that were cut apart and different from the usual suspects. These films have not only set box office records, but also proved to be the ‘never before, never again’ kinds.

Sye (2004)

sye Five Strikingly Different Films of S S Rajamouli

In the times when only formula films and predictable stories worked, Rajamouli dawned to offer the first of the never heard – Sye, a film made on students. What’s different about Sye is that film revolves around a crucial Rugby match that decides the fate of the main protagonists. In the nation full of Cricket lovers, Rugby came as a risky move. And it worked, in the most smashing way. S S recreated the craze for the English game with Sye.

Magadheera (2009)

magadheera Five Strikingly Different Films of S S Rajamouli

When the Telugu cinema was thriving on the plots which mainly spoke about current times, S S Rajamouli deigned to travel back in time. Magadheera, which showcased Mega kid Ram Charan Tej in a dazzling way was no simple move. Imagine telling a fictional story that spanned over 400 years ago and that reconnects back to the main characters who live in present times. Rajamouli’s gamble was severe, particularly after his last two predecessors went on to become Mass Masala entertainers. S S threw his ring anyways – and the rest is history. Magadheera will go down the history of Telugu films as one of the greatest saga that was ever sketched on the canvas.

Maryada Ramanna (2010)

Maryada-Ramanna-photos-4 Five Strikingly Different Films of S S Rajamouli

“Heroes need Rajamouli and not vice versa” – This was proved bang on when S S surprised his fans. He starred ace comedian Sunil as a hero in his next film, Maryada Ramanna. The story about rifts in Rayalaseema and scary gangsters, Sunil was a huge step for the director who knew his agenda. Maryada Ramanna shocked the Box office when it was declared a super hit. The film fetched a rave and collected money at the counters for its compelling story and commendable performances.

Eega (2012)

eega Five Strikingly Different Films of S S Rajamouli

Only S S Rajamouli can thrill the audience every other year. And he did that precisely with Eega, a film that completely depends on the performance of a CG housefly. The housefly is suddenly the best possible hero that was ever seen at the box office. Eega showed Rajamouli’s penchant for adding stunning visual effects to a touching story. The movie was the talk of the nation, was dubbed into several languages and walked away with awards and applause like never before.

Baahubali – The Beginning (2015)

baahubali3 Five Strikingly Different Films of S S Rajamouli

S S Rajamouli’s most magnificent warrior Saga needs absolutely no words to describe. The film that was made on a larger than life canvas with powerful characters, enchanting story, breath taking visual effects and mind blowing editing – this was S S’s best yet that was to be seen and witnessed by the world. Baahubali went on to international levels, has been watched and spoken about across all seven continents. This only shows that a single minded faith and vision can take an individual to skies. Rajamouli is now a globally reckoned director.

We wish this creative genius a very happy birthday and hope to see many more striking entertainers in the future, coming out from his beautiful mind.

Happy Birthday, S S Rajamouli.



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