Five RGV Movies That Made Real Sense

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Ram Gopal Varma – the name is a phenomenon in the land of Indian film making. A director with a gift for making movies that spelt the word ‘different’, RGV aka Ram Gopal Varma is followed by multiple creative geniuses. The fact that there was a time in Tollywood when people would anxiously wait for a RGV film in Telugu says it all. His direction is known for pulling off uniqueness in terms of story, treatment and overall rendering as such.

The man may be on a slowdown off late, but some of his movies made in the past went on to create ripples in the history of Indian cinema. The RGV ‘touch’ mas been magnified and worshiped, purely for the finesse of his directorial style.

Here are five films of RGV that made real sense and connected deeply with the audience. While some of them have been blockbuster hits, the rest went on to become standing sagas of the so called RGV Cult.


rgv2 Five RGV Movies That Made Real Sense

Needless to say, we have to begin his epics with the film Siva on top. Akkineni Nagarjuna portrayed like never before and never again. Shiva brought a new dawn of insights into the waging college politics and the underworld gang mafia who manipulated them. Raghuvaran played the role of Bhavani, a dangerous character who became immortal in the hearts of Telugu film lovers. Ram Gopal Varma was reckoned for this outstanding film while he was still starting out to belt hits.

Kshana Kshanam

rgv3 Five RGV Movies That Made Real Sense

This film is a fond pick for many people, purely for two things – the magic of lead casting and the story backdrop. Venkatesh and Sridevi looked like a dream pair together on screen, despite the fact that Sri was older and senior to the leading man. The film’s plot is simple, effective and superbly engaging. The flow of scenes and those witty one liners charmed the movie goers. Paresh Rawal deserves a special mention for his impeccable performance as a baddie. In fact, Kshana Kshanam continues to be the ultimate home DVD favorite for the majority of Telugu households.


rgv4 Five RGV Movies That Made Real Sense

The lead character Durga played by versatile Jagapathi Babu went on to stay put. Young men of the 90’s saw a bit of Durga in their own selves. If this is not called an effective movie making, we have to rest the case. Gaayam is an engaging script backed with excellent hand held camera work. This brought in the new revolution of making films with moving hand held cameras. Kudos to RGV for setting the trend.


rgv5 Five RGV Movies That Made Real Sense

The middle class ordeals of unemployment, debt and willingness to kidnap a millionaire wife – all conveniently packaged and presented in a single film. Money, an RGV production is still regaled by the audience not for its brilliant story line, but for its effective portrayal of working class adversities. The song ‘Bhadram Be Careful’ sung by Kota Srinivasa Rao set a new euphoria among unmarried men.

Anaganaga Oka Roju

rgv6 Five RGV Movies That Made Real Sense

This movie went on to prove that records can still be broken if RGV’s funny bone is tickled. A hilarious romantic comedy full of chase, suspense, action and thriller was a blockbuster hit. People flocked time and again to see the comedy scenes made on Brahmanandam. Anaganaga Oka Roju continues to wow the audience even today, either on TV or on a Blue Ray.

These are the five sensible films of RGV that set new path breaking standards. We wish to see more such coming from the man who thinks and creates new style movie making for all ages.



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