Five Reasons Why The World Should Watch Padamati Sandhya Ragam

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Silly yet sweet, brilliant yet plain basic, Indian and yet, truly American. These are some of the thoughts that will come to our minds while watching timeless cross cultural flick made by the great Jandhyala.

Padamati Sandhya Ragam. The film is truly an inspirational piece that talks about global harmony with an impeccable ‘Telugu’ touch. Avakaya plus ice cream this!

Sandhya, a sweet simple Telugu girl falls in love with Tom, a complete stranger to India and a cool American who lives on pizzas and hot dogs. It’s amazing that such a futuristic concept struck the mind of great Hasya Brahma in the days of zero technology, HD or WiFi. The film is a real Ragam of the world in concord.

Here are five simple reasons even the Americans should tune in and watch Padamati Sandhya Ragam, with the subtitles enabled.

Global Harmony, in One Word

The film is not just about Indian sentiments and values. The story propels a possible liaison of people from two different countries and ethnicities, getting together for life. In these testing times of chaos and unwanted mass murders happening across the economies, Padamati Sandhya Ragam conveys a subtle message that holds valid even today.

Brilliant Rendition of Telugu Culture

A live back dated visual tutorial for the dummies who don’t know a boo about Telugu culture or heritage. Even those NRI kids who have been brought up to speak like Lakshmi Manchu, this film has been made back in time and has been preserved for you guys. You may need to pay close attention to even the important description of the sacred Rama Rasam in one of the famous songs. A sneak peek into your true values.

Touching Storyline That Connects Anywhere

Basically, even a person from far Egypt would be able to connect to the underlining sentiment hidden within the 24 frames here. Cross cultural live stories and daring lovers will find an instant respite in this film.

Indian Values, in a Nutshell

Sandhya goes back to see her family after not having father’s blessings to her ‘international’ marriage with Tom. Emotionally driven scenes between her and her father in the flashback as well as her repartee with her indifferent daughter are a true representation of upholding family values. A must watch for kids addicted to their iPads, busy playing Minecraft.

Jandhyala’s World Class Film Making

He was there even before the Rajamoulis made the world watch them. Jandhyala’s trademark comedy and heart-warming directorial style is a must for the world to see, at large. It’s this simple. There would not be a second Jandhyala, ever again.



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