Five Reasons Why It’s Cool To Be A Film Technician

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Film making is sheer magic. A complete treat to one’s creative senses. For a common movie goer, films may be all about actors and their theatrics. But there is a different world of wonder hidden behind the scenes – a world of film technicians. Writers, cameramen, art directors, directors, production designers, assistant directors..the list is endless.

For a film to be successful, there lies a great responsibility on the shoulders of technicians. These are the guys who make the stars look and play dazzle on the silver screen. And if you thought that a technician’s life is mundane and boring, hold it right there!

Here are my five reasons why being a technician is cool and amazing. It’s absolute fun to be conceptualizing and creating 24 frames inside our heads!

1. More Scope To Create and Explore

While most actors and stars tend to have a limited scope, there is no boundary set for a technician. The creative horizons can be explored and looked at without any constraints. A technician gets the whole arena to play in, while actors have to stick to a certain idea and tag along. The more creative they are, the better it gets.

2. Can Walk Into The Set Wearing Shorts and Tees

Technicians need not carry the baggage of looking good. They are the background guys who create and execute. There is no fear of image setting in the crowd. This is the very reason why you will see most technicians dressed in basic clothing and flaunting a shiny persona. That bling comes from inside our head, folks!!

3. No Fear of Image Factor

Once you are an actor or a star, you tend to develop a certain niche or image for yourself. A technician as such need not go through such hassles. True, there are certain shades and genres that are unique to individuals where film making is anticipated in a certain way all the time. This is precisely where technicians can roll the ball and experiment without the fear of being judged. There will be critics, but there is also a vast ground for improvisation.

4. Liberty To Live In The Dreamland

Technicians are dreamers – compulsive, addictive. They need their space to imagine, visualize and create characters. This is precisely why most dreamers find the profession as the best that fits. Wearing a thinking cap, we technicians love to play around with stories, characters, design and music. There are avenues for all to seek and relish.

5. A Fulfilling Way To Make The Characters Come Real

Technicians have the divine gift and liberty to turn their imaginary characters into reel people. These characters are real to life and often portrayed by good actors and compelling stars. To see their imagination come alive in the blink of time is the most fulfilling thing that can ever happen to a creatively driven mind. Its a lot of hard work, but worth every bit of it.

So, its way cooler to stay as a technician. Most of them will vouch for it!




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