Five Promising Young Men Of Tollywood To Watch Out For!!

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The heroes in the wonderland of Tollywood carry a certain reputation. They are worshipped for various kinds of elements – style, chutzpah, dialogue delivery, looks or even the persona as such. While the veterans are still doing their job by carrying off what is expected, there are these new age young hunks who have arrived to take over – surprisingly different, fresh and innately talented.

Here are the five young men of the recent times in Telugu film industry that the world looks on to wait and watch. Some of them have already made an impression, and the rest are all set to rock the party.

Naga Shourya

A self made kid from the block, Naga Shourya made quite an impressive debut without any ‘star son’ tagline attached. His performance in the film Oohalu Gusagusalade went on to showcase a sizeable amount of promise. Shourya looks like the next Nani, waiting to take on the newer horizons as a romantic hero. He has a million women followers already. Girls, more like.

Varun Tej

varun-tej Five Promising Young Men Of Tollywood To Watch Out For!!

This tall dude from the Mega family is rather striking in his own self. Towering height, unconventional looks that ring Bollywood in the mind, Varun made a neat debut with the film Mukunda. He is raring to go with his next film, Kanche, a Krish directorial. Perhaps one of the tallest men in the industry now, Varun already has his own fan community and following. The son of Naga Babu holds a viable potential to shine on the legacy further.

Nara Rohit

rohit Five Promising Young Men Of Tollywood To Watch Out For!!

He was there since quite a while, but Rohit’s real game has just begun. Ever since box office started ringing coins and cash with his films collecting better than some of the big tickets, Rohit’s performance is now being looked at under the microscope. An able actor with strong screen presence creates a new segment of heroes who do not need a six pack ab deal to get going. Great acting is what is wanted, and hence proven!


aadi Five Promising Young Men Of Tollywood To Watch Out For!!

Son of dubbing star Sai Kumar  has still a lot left, indeed. Aadi, the new generation young hero with a’la chocolate looks and softer demeanor is an instant hit with girls. His earlier films were appreciated enough, but Aadi needs a certain something else. And that would be a rocking blockbuster hit film with more scope for performance. A sure shot face to watch out, Aadi is slowly getting there.


akhil Five Promising Young Men Of Tollywood To Watch Out For!!

He gave a small peek of his screen presence in Manam and the world fell apart. Akhil is all set to rock the silver screen of Tollywood with an exciting debut. He is one of the young chaps who has what it takes to rule the roost – looks, charms, personality, appeal and talent. Akhil will prove on to be the biggest bet yet from the great Akkineni family to create some serious ripples. The baby’s day out is so done. Bring us the whirlwind.



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