Five Mahesh Babu Films That Convey Social Message

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Mahesh Babu, the Telugu star needs no introduction at all. He is reckoned for some mind blowing performances as an actor. Often complimented for his Greek like chiselled looks and near Caucasian skin color, Mahesh is the heartbeat of millions of young women. Interestingly, even men love him for his natively endearing Telugu accent and versatility in acting.

Mahesh Babu’s films majorly convey meaningful messages. A great combo of popcorn entertainment and story, his films form a massive part of home DVD digs too.

Here are Five of Mahesh Babu’s films that have conveyed a strong social message across. There is no doubt that Mahesh managed to establish a strong influence on the movie goers with these films.

Okkadu – Help Others

okkadu Five Mahesh Babu Films That Convey Social Message

The film created in the backdrop of simple families shows Mahesh as Ajay, a simple boy next door who leads a real and basic middle class life with his family. His life takes a turn when Ajay has to rescue a young girl trapped in the clutches of a village gangster called Obul Reddy. Helping her way out of the misery, Mahesh sets a perfect example to young men.

Nijam – Fight For The Justice

Nijam Five Mahesh Babu Films That Convey Social Message

Mahesh Babu played the character of innocent young boy Seetaram, who conspires along with his mother to avenge the death of their father. A gripping story, fast pacing plot and a touching tale of injustice conveys a direct message of fighting for one’s right against all adversities.

Athadu – Good Over Evil

athadu2 Five Mahesh Babu Films That Convey Social Message

A superhit film that everybody knows, Athadu shows Mahesh as an assassin who accidentally lands in the place of a good man who gets killed because of him. Mahesh plays Nandu, fixing the wrong that he had done in a thousand different ways, getting close to the man who was killed by mistake. What happens in the end and how Mahesh turns over to become a good man for real forms the rest of the tale.

Khaleja – God Lives Inside Your Heart

khaleja2 Five Mahesh Babu Films That Convey Social Message

A unique entertainer with a Godly twist, Mahesh plays a simple taxi driver Seetharamaraju who lands himself in a complex situation where villagers of a certain village treat him like Lord Shiva. Mahesh fights for the good of these people, stating that God lives inside one’s heart and everything can be fought against provided there is a will to do so.

Srimanthudu – Betterment For Your Motherland

srimanthudu Five Mahesh Babu Films That Convey Social Message

The most recent film that has perhaps won the hearts of many and even made some to start thinking seriously, Srimanthudu is a message oriented film with a cause towards bettering one’s own society at large. Mahesh has now adopted a backward village for real, soon after instigating other celebrities to do the same.



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