Five Great Lessons To Learn From The Real KABALI

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He is not just an actor and this is not just about entertainment. Superstar Rajinikanth does not influence millions of people around the world just with his style and personality. There is more to the 65 year old legend who keeps casting a magical effect, decade after decade. Thalaivar or Rajini Sir, as he is called, the Kabali has many life lessons for the present generation.

While modesty and simplicity are two of his most loved traits, Rajinikanth has already left more amazing lessons from his own life. We can definitely take a cue and learn from some of them.

“Be mighty, but be controlled”

He has followers in millions, but Rajinikanth had never taken success to his head. He is interestingly the only actor in South who is unafraid to venture out in his most simplest Avatar – no make up, no wigs and stuff. Rajini sets high standards when it comes to life and its approach.

“When life hands you a bus conductor job, become a superstar”

You are what you choose to become. This is very true about Superstar Rajinikanth. The once humble Shivaji Rao Gaekwad could have chosen to remain a forgettable bus conductor, but he did not. Shivaji Rao chose better transformation. He chose what he could beat at. He chose style, charisma and attitude and invested them into his career path. The rest is history.

rajini-lesson1 Five Great Lessons To Learn From The Real KABALI

“There are no free lunches. Throw a punch and earn”

Every great man will have his comparisons. Rajini had his. Despite being constantly analysed and compared with the likes of Kamal Haasan, Rajini sir went ahead with his lesser handsome looks yet inimitable style to strike success at box office. Come 60’s and the man still has the same superstar appeal and effect on the movie goers.

“Never apologize for what you are”

Despite all the great things, Rajini is also constantly mocked at by several groups. He has been often compared with the famous Chuck Norris. There are Rajini jokes all over the internet. Still, there are no regrets. Rajinikanth remains to be the same, unique, stylish and effervescent personality. Never ever be apologetic of what you are, Rajini sets the best example.

rajini-lesson2 Five Great Lessons To Learn From The Real KABALI

“Leave a meaningful example to the world”

Rajinikanth is revered for his philanthropic side. He has always made it a point to give back to the society. The superstar always comes first to address any crisis and does not wait for the politicians. As a celebrity and the man of influence, Rajini feels accountable for what his real role is. Irrespective of who you are and what you become, always leave a meaningful example to the world.

The Kabali of South Cinema flaunts a massive hero worship and followers, with his mere style and all the above qualities. He is a hope for many youngsters who decide to end it quickly in life due to inner frustrations. Follow the superstar, be better.



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