Five Amazing Films On Telugu Middle Class Families

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Telugu middle class families or working class families have their own charm. Not to sound prejudiced, but the working classes of Telugu people are all about simple joys, hard work, struggle and resilience.

The ‘EMI’ section of Telugu families set a classy definition of their own, thriving, living and sustaining their daily ordeals. This is the very reason they become an important component of the Telugu society. No surprises that this section is often picked up for discussion and scripting in Telugu films.

Here are Five Amazing Telugu Films Made On The Telugu Middle Class Families. From back in time until now!

Chaduvukunna Ammayilu – 1963

Chaduvukunna Five Amazing Films On Telugu Middle Class Families

One of my evergreen favorites. The film stars ANR, Savithri and Krishna Kumari in the lead roles. A simple story of two best girlfriends, the film welcomed a new dawn of romantic fare from the real lives of working class. The movie is also well conceived with good writing, music and performances. How the lead actors hailing from a simple background take care of situations forms the main part of the story.

Sankarabharanam – 1980

sankara Five Amazing Films On Telugu Middle Class Families

An al-time classic made by K Viswanath, the story is an out and out fare going on in a simple Telugu Brahmin family devoted to music. The passion for Carnatic music and the characters struggling to realise their dreams is what is. The establishment of two central characters, JV Somayajulu as the famous Sankara Sastry and Manju Bhargavi as Tulasi becomes a forceful factor for the film goers to watch the film.

Aakali Rajyam – 1981

aakali Five Amazing Films On Telugu Middle Class Families

The dawn of the 80’s saw some serious film making addressing prime national issues like the unemployment and oppression. Aakali Rajyam, directed by K Balachander is a masterpiece timelessly dedicated to struggling Indian families. The main protagonists Kamal Haasan and Sridevi totally rock their parts, living the very soul of Telugu working class suppressed with unemployment and financial crunch.

Tholi Prema – 1998

tholi Five Amazing Films On Telugu Middle Class Families

Pawan Kalyan began his innings by this time, creating a sensation of sorts. He directly represented young lads of Telugu middle class with Tholi Prema, often scolded for their jobless attitude and directionless lives. The romantic element that builds between the central characters Balu and Anu (the latter hailing from a richer background) and the middle class treatment showing other family members – makes this film a sure shot favourite. No wonder that Tholi Prema still rules the DVD collection segment till day.

Anand – 2004

anand Five Amazing Films On Telugu Middle Class Families

Simple story, sweet characters, real to life narration. Sekhar Kammula’s Anand brought in the new revolution of free style film making with smaller budgets. The story of a girl who goes through a bad relationship and tries to re-establish herself from falling apart. The mental ability of working class section to cope with out of the blue adversities has been well shown in the movie. Anand may be a very simple film, but it kind of attracts the emotions of many people even today.

These are my top 5. There are many others, but the above five seem to made new rules with their very entry on the silver screen.

To The Telugu Middle Class Folks, With Love!



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