Dhruva, A Sign of Great Possibilities!!

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There is a big star in the film. The much expected shebang and euphoria. The film is directed by a noted film maker, known to churn out blockbuster popcorn flicks. There is a story adapted from Tamil. An output that is usually anticipated from such remakes.

The obvious – brilliant story line, technical expertise and a large scope to perform. But something felt very different, very nice this time – a new kind of sublime rendition where an intense expendable makes a striking comeback and is pitted against a happening Tollywood star.

Dhruva is a respite for more than one reason. There is no meaningless humor, no navel showing item number, no artificial punch dialogue and no nonsense. We can attribute that part to the original script taken from the Jayam Ravi starrer that went on to become a blockbuster in South. However, there is one catch here. A young star who carries a baggage of loaded expectations has suddenly decided to break the pattern. He decided upon a different strategy. A move that has brought the movie goers closer to him.

In an industry that is heavily backed with routine plots, frenzy followers and peer pressure (not to forget the family legacy), choosing a script like Dhruva calls in for an applause. A young star is hungry for more roles, better scope and increased options. He has exercised his right and has spread the carpet for the rest – to digress from the mundane crap and perform to worthier screenplays.

The film has received great response, and predictably so. The industry which is now slowly opening up to newer concepts and younger directors and their out of the box ideas has seen another spectacular rise – top league stars keeping it down the notch and choosing sensible cinema. Stars who are expected to make a miraculous jump out of choppers, kiss the candy girls and dance in the air are now beginning to think about playing human. We are definitely liking it this way, when they keep it real and stay cool.

We welcome the approach and the willingness to experiment – this time with what is normal and acceptable. Dhruva is not just a film, it is a ground breaking phenomenon that had just begun. The movie has just set the tone for a possible great change – a routine breaker that looks at quality, adaptability and an enriched experience for the film goer. Fans can finally watch their on screen Gods play inspiring characters and feel happy about it.

It’s a good change.



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