Comedian Ali’s Lewd Comments on Anushka Irk Women Groups

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Telugu film industry has often indulged in treating the leading ladies as mere ‘objects”. Now, this has been evidenced thanks to few individuals in the industry with a repute for their contribution. Comedian Ali, for one is well known as one of the top comic actors in the industry. However, the man has often displayed an unsavory side to him when it came to treating women. The top comedian was often cited passing unpleasant and distasteful comments on his female colleagues, both on TV as well as silver screen.

In the past, Ali was found to have passed roaring outrageous comments on women anchors like Suma and Anasuya. He was also seen making snide remarks on other hero’s leading heroines at several audio functions. One such example was when he commented on actress Dana, an ex pat artist who played an important role in Pawan Kalyan starrer, Teen Maar. The examples of his unacceptable behavior are numerous to list.

Recently, Ali indulged in some overboard comments on actress Anushka Shetty, the leading woman of Tollywood and one of the top league actresses of the South. This happened at the audio function of her upcoming film, Size Zero. Ali happened to pass sensational comments on Anushka’s thighs! It was important not to cross that line for him but he did it anyways.

And now, several women groups and fans are super irritated with his vulgar antics on the air. Most Mahila Mandals are now coming forward to protest against Ali’s inappropriate and lewd behavior in public.

It’s time the top comedian with promising potential to be a better role model to the future generation sucked it up and maintained mannerisms.



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