Bhumika, A Common Man’s Real Heroine

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Let me be honest here, I have never thought her to be a sizzling Diva. She neither had nor flaunted out of the world gorgeousness. As sarcastically referred to by Pawan Kalyan in the film Kushi, Bhumika Chawla was more of a bee stung lipped normal girl next door. Bhumika entered Telugu Cinema at a wee period of turbulence, with space still left vacant looking for a commendable actress. An actress who carried on the quality set in by the likes of Aamani and Soundarya. And she did.

The time when outsourcing was beginning to make a foray into the industry. When Mumbai was looked at the best bet to scout for the ladies who could come and adapt. Bhumika came by, adapted and won over many hearts.

Bhumika started off with an average fare in the world of showbiz. She was able to handle the wait threshold to break it big with South. Interestingly, her not so captive yet familiarly sweet looks connected with the audience. Most prefer her looking simply dressed as to wearing heavy black leather and strutting on with a red lipstick. Bhumika understood what worked best with her. She played the roles that were wanted by her audience. She excelled in them.

Come films like Kushi and Okkadu, Bhumika became a darling. A’la Teluginti Ammayi looks coupled with talent and strategy. The actress was in no rush to dazzle the screen or set the industry on fire. Her selection of characters and roles spurred depth and intensity. She never cared to count the number of blockbusters in her kitty. Instead, Bhumika handpicked the roles that would be remembered forever.

Her girl next door demeanour clad in Salwar Kameez and half saree struck instant chord with the local movie goers. Bhumika carriers her own fan following till date, albeit the fact that her presence is diminishing slowly. After playing an innocent victim in Mahesh Babu’s blockbuster starrer, Bhumika balanced mightily, playing swanky and powerful roles in films like Simhadri and Missamma.

After starring in a number of Telugu films in the genres of drama, romance and popcorn fare, Bhumika exited the main scene gradually. She may not play many roles as compared to what was before, but she is there. She comes back every now and then to wow the Telugu audience with better and richer meaningful characters.

Happy Birthday, Bhumika Chawla.



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