Beautiful Composition By A R Rahman That Will Make You Love Madras

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Sun Music’s latest album, Madras is not just a heartfelt dedication to the renowned late Violinist Manikandan. This beautiful video and musical composition by the Mozart of Madras A R Rahman will connect you with the soul of Chennai. Sun Music has been putting together some niche musical compilations and this one definitely tops the charts for now.

Tastefully shot in the streets, lanes and by lanes of the once Madras, the video goes hand in hand with a soulfully flowing violin music rendered by Karthick Iyer. The overall output has been finally rounded up by Rahman. Opening shot of temple, aerial view of the busy city, glimpse of yummy trademark fluffy Idlis and the evergreen gramophone records that still exist in some of the households – these visuals will simply take your breath away and make you fall in love with the South Indian tradition all over again.

Watch the Madras Cover Album Video Here:

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