Bad Boys from Mumbai Who Made Their Careers with Tollywood

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Telugu films embrace talent from all spheres. This is strongly evident with the kind of villains the industry flaunts today. Earlier, we use to have the creme from Telugu origin. Now, we are going truly national, particularly in the heroine and the villain segment. Interestingly, most of the top line bad boys in Telugu today are from Mumbai and are non Telugu in origin. Yet, they have made blooming careers after entering into Telugu Cinema. Most of these baddies owe their good fortune to Tollywood, and continue to pursue their journey, getting meaner and popular by the day.

Let us take a look at some of the seasoned villains in the Telugu film industry, who continue to cast their superior charm while being totally hateable. Some of them even speak our language, nationalizing our culture in a different tangent!

Ashish Vidyarthi

ashish Bad Boys from Mumbai Who Made Their Careers with Tollywood

It feels as if Ashish Vidyarthi has been with Telugu films from the era of the dinosaurs. A gifted Malayali theatre actor who had an incredible journey into films from the telly. Ashish continues to play substantial roles both in Bollywood as well as Telugu. He continues to wow the Telugu audience playing a variety of roles, the most significant of them being a corrupt cop in films like Pokiri.

Mukesh Rishi

Mukesh-Rishi-Photo Bad Boys from Mumbai Who Made Their Careers with Tollywood

Some of us even joke around saying that Mukesh Rishi must be knowing pure Telugu language by this time. Not many people know that Mukesh Rishi actually started off a model!

A boy from Chandigarh and a versatile actor from Mumbai who made a foray into Telugu in the 90’s itself, Mukesh Rishi lends content to his on screen characters. His stone faced looks actually work in his favour, solidifying the kind of antagonists that he plays on the silver screen. Mukesh Rishi had played villain against and alongside all the top heroes in the Telugu industry, right from Balakrishna to Chiranjeevi till Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan.

Rahul Dev

rahul-dev Bad Boys from Mumbai Who Made Their Careers with Tollywood

Who would have imagined this prolific model turn into one of the most recognized villains in Telugu films? Rahul Dev’s wicked demeanour actually earns him some meaty performances in Telugu as the prime antagonist. And he does a heck of a job with that!!

Mukul Dev

mukul Bad Boys from Mumbai Who Made Their Careers with Tollywood

He may have started out as an adorable TV star on Doordarshan, but Mukul Dev transformed himself into a vicious villain later on. This had worked spectacularly well for him, especially with Telugu and Tamil films. There’s more to the chocolate faced guy who confuses the girls randomly with the question as to whether he should be loved or not. Mukul Dev was honoured with the 7th Amrish Puri Award, for excellent performance in one of the films. His portrayal in the films Adhurs and Krishna have been well applauded by the audience.

Pradeep Rawat

pradeep-rawat Bad Boys from Mumbai Who Made Their Careers with Tollywood

Do you remember the character Ashwatthama in the Doordarshan’s timeless epic Mahabharat? Hold the visual right there. It’s Pradeep Rawat.

The same Rawat whose facial expressions are absolutely detestable. Audience would simply want him killed or dead in a film. Such is the effect of Pradeep Rawat’s villainous rendition on screen, more so with the Telugu movie mongers. Rawat is known for his life like cruel looks, booming voice that scares the crap out of a common man, forget alone what it does to a hero. Maybe that’s why his presence actually elevates the image of a protagonist two levels up.  From Sye to Soukhyam, Rawat is simply rocking in Tollywood.

Here is the interesting part. Before coming into movies, Rawat worked as a banker in Jabalpur.

Sonu Sood

sonu Bad Boys from Mumbai Who Made Their Careers with Tollywood

We are sure that Sonu Sood will have equal number of fans as any other Hero in Indian film industry, leave alone Telugu cinema. Mind blowing body, chiseled features and adorable personality make him one of the most glamorous villains in the recent times. His performances in the films like Athadu, Arundhati and Dookudu catapulted him into the A-listers of the villain category in Telugu. Audience simply love to see him emerge on the screen and give the hero a real tough time. We don’t mind the sneak peak of his topless body either. Bring on those abs!!

Sayaji Shinde

sayaji Bad Boys from Mumbai Who Made Their Careers with Tollywood

Shinde is almost Telugu. It would be bizarre realization that he is originally a reckoned Marathi actor. Hailing from a modest family into farming, Sayaji Shinde had indeed come a long way. He made a commendable place for himself in Tollywood, playing a variety of roles. He is an admirable villain who also makes an honest attempt to speak the language for the audience.




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