Baahubali – Telugu Film That Set A Global Benchmark

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“We Have Hulk!”

“But We Have Baahubali..(Swell)”

Forbes has just declared Baahubali the highest grossing cinema in the history of Indian film making. Despite all the criticism being showered by the ‘homies’ in the neighbourhood about the style of making, S S Rajamouli proved one more time that nothing can stand the magnanimity of dedication and hard work.

Even though local critics framed S S’ making skills to be a near disappointment as compared to his other movies that were made way better in the past, the ‘no flop director’ went on to prove that Amarendra Baahubali set new standards for Indian films at a global level. Which means, the world will now look at the Indian cinema with fresh set of eyes. There would be constant expectations to witness another epic in the making from the Indian terrain.

After the magnum opus of the warriors battling in the midst of VFX grandeur created a roaring buzz, people from other parts of the country suddenly have a taste for watching Telugu films. Not to forget the entire of Asia. The writers and critics at the Guardians and Forbes adore the Indian equivalent of Avatar.

The kind of curiosity that evoked Hindi speaking non-locals who do not know the language to explore more about South Indian Telugu film industry. Most of these lot would have seen the dubbed versions often played on satellite channels with ridiculous titles and hilarious lines. Some of these films would have been Prabhas starrers as well. What a relief for them to see him under a very different light!

Baahubali beats Aamir Khan’s PK and Salman Khan’s Bhaijaan. What this means is that we do not have to look at the K factor or a Bollywood forum to be recognized at a bigger level. What we need is an outlook that is larger than life and envisioning that scarily breaks all the barriers. The guts to create something bigger than regular punch dialogues and ‘Brahmi’ dependent scripts.

Now, the entire world, including India knows Prabhas. Credit goes to the star cast that mesmerized audience with their skill transcending language and boundaries. Futuristic director who called the shots for over two years to make things look picture perfect for the impatiently wriggling home audience.

Sets were erected, changes were made, and technicians got married, made babies and finished the film. Baahubali also symbolizes the transgression of all the people involved in the movie making at personal and professional level. Indeed, no surprise that their chests now swell with pride and heads rise while walking on the pavement. People now recognize most of these guys who slogged at the background.

This is a great power. A great responsibility. A great inspiration to other budding directors and film aspirants wanting to create a positive change. Whether or not the shift happens to a completely new level, if at all newer Rajamoulis are born out of this phenomenon – time would tell us the rest of the story.

Jai Mahismathi!

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