Baahubali – Owner’s Envy, Neighbour’s PRIDE!!

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The world has witnessed the rise of a Telugu Cinema called Baahubali. The first week of opening not only saw the movie smash all time records, but also receive loud applause and acclaim at national and international levels.

Just like the ancient kingdom Mahismathi, the reputation of S S Rajamouli ‘s magnum opus is reaching out far and wide, making people wonder over one question – Who is Amarendra Baahubali?

While national critics and trade experts like Rajeev Masand and Taran Adarsh took to reviewing and tweeting great phrases about the sheer visual extravaganza, international tabloids such as The Guardian, Forbes and Mid Day went on to laud film’s phenomenal success.

Rana Baahubali - Owner's Envy, Neighbour's PRIDE!!

Dashing Rana impressed as a charming villain with the character Bhallaladeva in the film.

Here are some remarks made by the top international writers and reviewers from all over the world on Baahubali

Lisa Tsering, Reviewer, Hollywood Reporter

lisa Baahubali - Owner's Envy, Neighbour's PRIDE!!

It’s possible to enjoy the film as pure entertainment even without being privy to the superlatives surrounding it: Bahubali , the highest budget of any Indian film to date (a reported $40 million), and is now expected to break box office records in India and around the world. Although he leaves the ending of the film open (Bahubali: The Conclusion is slated for 2016), Rajamouli, with his gift for cinematic rhythm, is assured an eager audience the next time around.

Rob Cain, Writer, Forbes

rob-cain Baahubali - Owner's Envy, Neighbour's PRIDE!!

Writer-Director S.S. Rajamouli’s epic fantasyBaahubali: The Beginning, the most expensive production in the history of Indian cinema, has been crushing box office records from the day of its release. The $40 million period film beat previous record holderHappy New Year to score the biggest domestic opening day and opening weekend ever for a film in India, and the fourth biggest worldwide opening ever for an Indian movie. The visual effects heavy story centers on two rival brothers who battle for supremacy over a rich medieval kingdom.

Mike McCahill, Reviewer, The Guardian

mike Baahubali - Owner's Envy, Neighbour's PRIDE!!

Topless men fight bulls, couples kiss amid orchids, hundreds of flogged extras erect a tower and there’s a 45 minute battle – SS Rajamouli’s two-part epic brilliantly ticks off the blockbuster wish-list, and innovates with it. The film, like its hero, keeps flexing its muscles; Rajamouli clearly asked “Whatcan’t we do with this cash?” You want to see a man wrestling a bull with his bare hands? You got it. Two lovers fleeing an avalanche on a rock? Check. A hero swatting 10,000 arrows using his sword alone? Why not.

Cast-Baahubali Baahubali - Owner's Envy, Neighbour's PRIDE!!

Main Cast of the film – Tamannaah, Anushka, Prabhas and Rana at the premiere of Bahubali in Mumbai

It comes as more of an irony that the local home ground could not really review the film with same eyes as the rest of the world. The coming few weeks will tell us what the Warrior Baahubali has in store for putting a Telugu Cinema on a different pedestal.

Weekend 2 – Bring it ON!!

Jai Mahismathi.



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