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Not every day goes by when someone envisions a period drama, a certain magnum opus with soul as its story and crores of budget for its making. Today, the entire Telugu Film Industry has to look up with pride and fear. Pride, because S S Rajamouli took us ten notches up, showcasing the kind of finesse a Telugu film maker can really achieve and wow the world. Fear, because new standards are now set in terms of expectations and possibilities. Honestly speaking, the film had revived few hopes too.

Baahubali is a dynamic rendition with visual amazement that takes us back in time, makes us believe in fiction, ingraining unknown emotions inside. The screenplay of two plus hours will actually transform us into the world of warriors, soldier women, queens, weird enemy attackers and subtle timeless emotion called love. A mesmerizing canvas that mixes beauty of a period tale with magnanimous presentation will make us live alongside the characters.

This is no 300, and yet it is. A tale of two powerful warriors on a parallel journey, three women displaying the best of their yet, (take a bow, RamyaKrishnan), and the rest of the rich cast who enable the setting to be picture perfect for a movie gazer. The motion picture is action filled, with story of love, betrayal and payback. All conveniently put across on the creative output worked by a thousand technicians echoing the dream of one magic man who is super fond of weapons.

The two men, Prabhas and Rana become the monumental pillars to the entire extravaganza. They render efficacious lines, fight, cross the blades and present impeccable valour coupled with mind blowing visual effects, the best of the times. The best in technology. The first half of the movie takes off a wee bit slow, but the leading men make up for the lapses rather fine. Guess romance over violence could be more of an ordeal at times.

Prabhas proves that there is a bit of that icon called Krishnam Raju somewhere within, waiting to erupt and conquer. It had finally happened with his super opulent role as Baahubali. Rana Daggubati had simply outdone himself, putting across one of his ultimate stagecraft ever. There is no way he can be missed in a tightly narrowed zone of many stars. The character ‘Bhallaladeva’ makes it a point to prove that he has the diction, dialect, muscle and audacity to give stiff screen contest to the lead protagonist. Rana becomes an endearing Hercules, risking a strong phase of his career to justify his role.

Ramyakrishnan simply dazzles as the Rajamaata, bringing in the best untapped potential inside her on to the screen. Anushka looks high and mighty as always, while Tamannaah makes up for both chivalry and glamor with her character. Special respects to veteran Sathyaraj, who defies his age and performs outstandingly well.

The ultimate champions are the amazing visual effects and camera work, both which could be put across on an international standard as a tutorial to the future. It comes as no surprise that a lot of living civilization is in awe of Rajamouli’s sheer unrelenting efforts to believe in a dream and finally make it happen.

There is no review for Baahubali. The entire world is destined and bound to watch it. Thumbs Up.



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