Baahabuli – The Magic of Exceptional Casting

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The period spell is still on. Thanks to the amazing output in totality. Baahubali continues to overpower Box Office collections. Two weekends have gone by and still, the warriors continue to exercise their triumph over the vast lands of showbiz.

The main cast of Baahubali had definitely made a profound impact on the way film had finally turned out to be. This folks, is called the magic of exceptional casting in films. A lot gets passed on with who plays what on screen, as protagonists and characters. Even the littlest of roles matter. S S Rajamouli left nothing not turned in order to make that happen. The cast of Baahubali made all the difference to the magnanimous technical efforts on the backend.

Dissecting the main cast of the ‘sheer visual extravaganza’, as I always call it.

Prabhas Uppalapati – Amarendra Baahubali/Sivudu

amar Baahabuli – The Magic of Exceptional Casting

The man with a towering height and the close blood connect with the yesteryear rebel star Krishnam Raju. Prabhas is truly the ‘magical lighthouse’ as expressed in one of his films by his leading lady. Prabhas had come a long way, playing all kinds of films and genres, testing himself mile on mile as an actor. The star with stupendous sex appeal and his warm Telugu opulence on the masses is a bang on, playing dual characters Amarendra Baahubali and his son Sivudu. He is a believably director’s delight, going by the way he had outperformed himself in terms of hard work and presentation.

Rana Daggubati – Bhallala Deva

Bhalla Baahabuli – The Magic of Exceptional Casting

Who would take such a gamut of risk at the early phase of his rising film career? Rana Daggubati gambled himself at the sole reputation of his director. Playing that cruel yet charming villain King who takes over the throne, presumably after stepping on others’ toes. The mean Duryodhana of the fictitious Mahismathi Empire. A lot would still be revealed in the Part 2 of the film. Rana was an outstanding choice for a strong lead opponent to the main protagonist in the magnum opus. And he had delivered the goods, convincingly more than expected. Many would have heard the tone of his uncle Venkatesh in some of the scenes when he recited amazing lines.

Ramya Krishnan – Sivagami

sivagami Baahabuli – The Magic of Exceptional Casting

She is apparently the talk of the whole country right now. Ramya Krishnan’s dazzling play as Sivagami, the strong willed and mighty queen received a heavy applause. She is an absolute choice nailed for the role. S S tapped the best of her that was yet to be shown on screen. Her most magnificent performance this, after the striking negative character played opposite Superstar Rajinikanth in the film Narasimha in the past.

Anushka Shetty – Devasena

Devasenaa Baahabuli – The Magic of Exceptional Casting

Now this is called reflective casting. Complementing the personas of the two male leads in the film. Anushka’s towering height, royal looks and sheer screen presence have been well evidenced in her earlier films. The director got the finest on board to deal with the ordeals of his character Devasena, showcasing intense magnitude in a short span of screen time in the first part. Devasena’s role at length in the next part is now a long wait for many of her admirers.

Sathyaraj – Kattappa

kattappa Baahabuli – The Magic of Exceptional Casting

Nothing less for the role Kattappa than the most hard working actor of Tamil Film Industry who still wakes up to go to work at 8 AM every morning. His son Sibi is on his way to create an impact in the tinsel town. Sathyaraj’s amazing force and dedication was noticed as Kattappa, the role he had played without knowing the language. Perfect choice for all languages and seasons, only because Kattappa still jumps around with strength and agility, teaching the lazy young ones the deeper lessons of life.

Tamannaah – Avanthika

tama Baahabuli – The Magic of Exceptional Casting

An actress who learnt the languages of the South to delve into her characters. Tamannaah did that and more. She is an amazing actor, a decision well made for the requirement on board to finish the job. She stood up to her full measure as Avanthika, defying the odds and playing the role. A deserving performer to have been cast regardless of all the ‘Northie’ tag that was knead on her prior.

Nasser – Bijjaladeva

nasser Baahabuli – The Magic of Exceptional Casting

I always thought that his best role was in the film Roja, playing the Army officer who helps the lady protagonist get her kidnapped husband back. And never saw anything as classy after, until Baahubali happened. Nasser is a complete actor and the casting was nothing but a well envisioned strategy to rope in the crème. He looked like the alternative Dhrutarashtra, going all gaga over his own son and disregarding his better nephew. An actor with experience who can play emotions with shockingly great variation.

Tanikella Bharani – Swami

tanikella-bharani-514x264 Baahabuli – The Magic of Exceptional Casting

The versatile writer and orator’s real life love for Lord Shiva as a true worshiper shone on the screen with effortlessness. Tanikella’s role may have been brief, but it’s that fine detailing, the nuance of saying lines like “Who knows what Lord Shiva has in store” etc. added warmth to the story. Really, it kind of touched hearts for sure.

Rohini – Sanga

rohini Baahabuli – The Magic of Exceptional Casting

Her role as Sivudu’s foster mom turned out to be an important facet for the film. Actress Rohini was a pleasant fitment to a role that walked a thin line between prominence and dissidence.

So far so great for the first part. A lot is expected out of Part 2. Casting finesse that spelt magic for the beginning is bound to pay off with dividends at the conclusion. Lot of questions, umpteen anxiety on the oncoming story. Bring it on, S S Rajamouli!!



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