ANTHAKU MINCHI…How The Big Stars Were a Huge Let down

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“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” – Spiderman.

Same goes with our Superheroes of Telugu and Tamil. Along with millions of other fans out there who have their own legions of fan giri and following, i joined the excitement of all the films that were released last year and this.
There is more to the films that are Tamil dubbed. There is this larger than life thing about them. We in Andhra tend to have many favorites in the dubbed list. It is no surprise that the dubbed film department was a little ‘Thanda’ this time. Where was that magic, i say?

From star struck to disaster struck, here are some of the films that were an utter disappointment to their loyal fans waiting for years to see another magic happen on the silver screen.


Lingaa ANTHAKU MINCHI...How The Big Stars Were a Huge Let down

I mean, what on earth was going on? Our Thalaivar was supposed to deliver and dazzle and strut and bash up. There is no ‘the Rajini’ thing this time around. Minimum guarantee Bollywood Diva Sonakshi Sinha was cast insolently opposite the legendary actor, with absolutely zero logic or meaning to such a pairing. That age difference stuff somehow did not add up. The imposed somewhat Latino tune of Mona and Gasolina via Radio sure brought us inside the theater. With weak plot and star’s frail personality showing out aging, guess we need to request our humble God of style to retire. Really.


SIKANDER (Anjaan) 

Anjaan-07 ANTHAKU MINCHI...How The Big Stars Were a Huge Let down

There is a lot of anticipation when Suriya‘s films get released in Telugu. It all started with Ghajini, the film that went on to become a roaring success, catapulting the handsome hero in the midst of the Telugu speaking masses. With Suriya’s film, one expects style, story, chutzpah and the whole shebang of feel good. Sikander, the dubbed version of Anjaan was not only a sheer disappointment, it was a total crash. Where was the story, we wondered. What happened to all that finesse that is usually seen in his movies. Suriya’s maverick hair do or the mannerisms barely managed to emulate success. With Samantha’s golden leg doing nothing to hold the reigns at Box Office, the film goers went home depressed. Some of us needed therapy.


Raghuvaran B Tech (Velaiyilla Pattathari)

VIP ANTHAKU MINCHI...How The Big Stars Were a Huge Let down

Dhanush is now the new interest with the Telugu masses. Like some of us knew he was there out there somewhere. As a lesser mortal famous son in law of Superstar Rajinikanth. But the Kolaveri mania and his dazzling performance made us understand his panache with the unconventional. VIP was a decent film in Tamil. Somehow, Raghuvaran B tech, the dubbed version was not a great hit. Perhaps the title was a loser. Or maybe the audiene was still recovering from the other debacles listed above. All in all, nothing really smashing with this one.


I (Ai)

I-1024x436 ANTHAKU MINCHI...How The Big Stars Were a Huge Let down

Okay, i will call this one THE debacle of the decade. With mind blowing budget and production values, I was supposed to be a ground breaking, nail biting and swashbuckling comeback for Chiyaan Vikram. His career choices have shown us that he likes to be different. But please, not this different. He tends to put on the swanky mannerisms, weird makeup, silly face gesture etc. Yes, some of them became very endearing. I was meaningless, disappointing and lower than what was expected. This under the great Shankar’s direction. We were expecting the entire adrenaline pumping, message conveying Aparichitudu coming out in the light to punish the bad guys. I really have no words to describe the feeling.


Uttama Villain

uttama-villain ANTHAKU MINCHI...How The Big Stars Were a Huge Let down

When Kamal Haasan arrives, there is this eerie silence before the storm. A certain leap in the hearts of film lovers, who have seen the legend perform the extraordinary and crazy every time, most time. There was a huge gap felt with our Indian Al Pacino away from action, only stirring more restlessness and expectation from the fans. Uttama Villain was the much anticipated rendition from this creative actor genius. Once again, things seem to have plummeted. We fell straight on our faces, clueless with what was going on with the treatment, direction and actor’s limitless narcissistic giveaway to the audience. Uttama villain turned out to be an ‘Uttama deception’ with a faltering venture thrust on both the fans and critics.

These are some of the movies that were awaited, absorbed and repelled so far. Let us hope to look way forward with better projects that really define the soul of the stars and actors that we so love.



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