Andhra Pride P.Susheela Breaks Records with the Guinness Book

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She is fondly referred to as Gaana Saraswathi. P Susheela, the legendary singer of Telugu cinema has achieved a new fete rare to the Indian singers of the century.

The singing legend of Telugu who had sung thousands of songs in several South Indian languages apart from Telugu has been conferred with a new record by The Guiness Book. P Susheela has sung 17. 695 solo songs spanning 5 decades – a rare accomplishment not attained by any other singer so far.

Susheela had created her own identity in the South Cinema, singing for many actresses, lending her magical voice. She is said to have sung in 10 different languages other than South Indian.

The Pride of Vizianagaram

Pulapaka Susheela was born in Vizianagaram into a middle class family of skilled advocates. She did not take up the lawyering rein and joined the Maharaja’s Music College, graduating with a diploma in Music from Andhra University in First Class. She achieved this at a very young age and began to create ripples with her magical voice in the local groups.

Susheela finally got her opportunity to sing in movies. The rest is history.

The new Strong Voice of Feminism

This was precisely the time when South India was dawning the new era of feminism. P.Susheela’s voice rendered the dash of womanistic strength and passion, winning millions of hearts. Every heroine wanted her voice to do the honors in the duets. The singer gathered many followers among the women segment everywhere that time.

Susheela was conferred the title “Gaana Saraswati” for the reason that she bore exceptional diction and linguistics. She had sung close to 40,000 songs in several languages, cutting across the ages and the genres.

A five time national award winner and the first person to receive the National Award for Best Female Playback Singer in 1969, Susheela has also received the state award from Tamil Nadu, Kerala as well as Andhra Pradesh close to 10 different times in her career. 




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