Aishwarya’s Purple Lips Cause Internet Catastrophe. And Sonam?

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Yes, she did purple this time. Now, move on. Aishwarya can never go wrong with style, but purple seemed to have turned her into a villain of Cannes this year.

Some of us simply fail to understand why Aishwarya Rai is trending today on social media. Purple lips. Is that your pitch? We find that utterly ridiculous. There is someone and something more outrageous this year than Rai’s poison ivied pout at the Cannes – Sonam Kapoor.

Fashion has no barriers. We have been enduring fashion spectacles as well as debacles for over decades now. There have been plenty of fashion upswings and down-lows. Here’s the interesting part – all of them get categorised as ‘fashion’, at the end of it all.

Purple lipstick has been in vogue. People who watch the F TV in secrecy while their wives are asleep will know that. Even some of the shades in closer hues of blues and indigo are being used by models as well as common Naaris. Cannes, one of the most coveted film festivals is all about the high and mighty arriving in the best and worst of fashion. Talking about the worst, Mallika Sherawat should actually have been the one trending every time she arrived on the red carpet. Lucky, she had a safe escape. From doing the ridiculous Naagin to baring her legs shockingly maximum in a slit, Mallika had time and again proved that she is the reigning queen of fashion debacles. We will also add, she is also the queen of failed perfection with forced American accent.

This time’s Cannes has a better subject to discuss – Sonam Kapoor looking like ‘Angel’ Taher Shah in her funny gown with wings. We are still trying to understand what the so called Bollywood Fashion Diva had in her mind while stepping out in something like that. Of course, there would be no concrete answers. Fashionistas are unpredictable, eccentric and will sometimes cause a stomach flip. Sonam managed that to happen with success this time.

Coming back to Aishwarya – yes, the lipstick is a shocker, more so because we haven’t seen her wearing that shade much. But calling purple lips a rage on the social media as compared to the other amazing fashion failures at Cannes this year is a little unfair.



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