7 Love Hacks From Tholi Prema That Don’t Work In Real Life!!

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Tholi Prema has been a cult classic in love stories in history of Telugu cinema.  This simple tale of love also made Pawan Kalyan , a star. He instantly became heartthrob of the youth in Andhra. This also marked the debut of Karunakaran who is a master in manufacturing films that are neat, humorous, coupled with a good amount of family sentiment.

This 17 year old film is still close to the hearts of many.  Tholi Prema had a huge impact that the young crowd who felt themselves in the shoes of Balu and imagined their respective crushes as Anu.  But, at the end of the day, real life and reel life are as different as chalk and cheese. Over much contemplation, i have also decided to write a letter to the film maker for such a misleading shining example!!

Let’s have a look at some of the moments from the film that looked great on screen but are far away from reality.

  1. Love at First Sight in Dark Night – O Puhleezzzz!!

loveatfirstsight 7 Love Hacks From Tholi Prema That Don't Work In Real Life!!

The first scene that comes to anyone’s mind when discussed about Tholi Prema’s introduction scene of Kirti Reddy.  The heavenly scene had Kirti draped in a white Ghagra-choli with white dupatta with white bangles. She looked more beautiful than an angel.  A heavy white light lighted around her on her and she is jumping in slow motion with the anklets. This is probably the best introduction ever on the Telugu screen.

But, imagine you walking on a dark lonely road …..And suddenly this all-white beauty illuminated with so much white light suddenly comes in front of you.  Forget about slow-motion jumping of the lady, you will run in fast motion. Forget about love at first sight, you will be horror-struck at this petrifying sight.


2. Venu Madhav’s Valuable Statistics – What Rubbish I Say??

venu-1024x608 7 Love Hacks From Tholi Prema That Don't Work In Real Life!!

Venu Madhav with a great expertise classifies the girls in the city into three classes –A, B and C. He also comes up with real numbers (not even percentages) with area-wise specifications. He is so proficient in this domain that he precisely tells the number of guys who would have already proposed to Anu and also how many are in the waiting list. This monologue is one of the best scenes of Venu Madhav in his career. However, such random statistics are useless in real world.

NOTE: The number of guys who proposed a particular woman is known only to that woman!


3. Sapna Complex – Err..THE place of Destiny?

sapnacomplex-1024x584 7 Love Hacks From Tholi Prema That Don't Work In Real Life!!

Since the day of Love-at-first-sight, Balu spends sleepless nights thinking about Anu. Balu desperately searches for Anu but all in vain. His friend advises him to go to Sapna Complex in Abids. As per his knowledge, ALL the girls in the city WILL come be present there. Bingo! Balu finds her there. So sweet, his friend really came to the rescue almost as a god in the disguise of a man. Well, finding a girl or in fact any person is not a joke.

In the current times, we at least have social networking to help find people. But, those were the years of pager. Finding a person in a certain place on a certain day was too naïve an idea.


4. A friend in need..is NEVER available

friend-1024x612 7 Love Hacks From Tholi Prema That Don't Work In Real Life!!

Balu bashes the goons in a temple to get his friend married to a loved one. Even today, we have loyal friends, but don’t expect that loyal friend to break the bones of the Goondas coming in your way. At the best, they can come along with you to the Arya Samaj and registrar offices for signatures and witnesses.

Friends like Balu are the work of Fiction.


5. Persistent Flower Pot?? Please Give It A Break!!

flowerpot-1024x650 7 Love Hacks From Tholi Prema That Don't Work In Real Life!!

The next day after love-at-first-sight day, Balu comes back to the same place where Anu lit the flowerpot. He takes that burnt flower pot home and treasures it too. This might not work in your case. In reality, our dutiful GMC sweepers would have cleaned it and trashed it too. Or who knows, someone would have blasted a Lakshmi Bomb placing inside the burn flower pot. The flowerpot would have been torn into bits and pieces. Kids get very creative during Diwali, you see!

6. Award-winning lecture (Yawnnn…)

nobelprizelecture-1024x579 7 Love Hacks From Tholi Prema That Don't Work In Real Life!!

In a scene, Anu’s grandpa finds her emailing to someone in late night. He teases that the person to whom she is emailing is her boyfriend. She revolts saying that she has no interest in love. “This is the valuable age to work towards the future”, she adds. She wants to do a PhD and Harvard is her dream. She aspires to become an Einstein like scientist and do lots of research work. She wants to bag the Nobel Prize!

Okay Okay! Well, it’s good to be ambitious, but the way Anu gives a lecture to her grandfather s nothing short of a comedy. It’s a Nobel Prize damn it. Not a Big Bazaar lucky draw prize.


7. Airport scene – Chaa, Avuna??

airport-1024x575 7 Love Hacks From Tholi Prema That Don't Work In Real Life!!

The most heart-touching scene of the film is the climax at the airport. Balu hasn’t expressed his love yet. Anu hasn’t spoken anything at all of those sorts. Anu is going abroad to pursue her studies in “Harvard”. When she is about to board the flight, she suddenly screams “Balu”. She finally realizes that she loves Balu and expresses it.  Balu is on Cloud Nine.

In reality, do not expect any unrequited love become a success at the airports. The person leaving might be too engrossed in checking the belongings or checking-in the location on Facebook!



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