5 Telugu Movies That Showcase True Andhra Families

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Families in Andhra are well known for their robust bonding that cant be broken by an external force. For generations, the people in Andhra communities have displayed showing prime importance to the family, people inside their home, values, traditions and overall, the upbringing that echoes integrity to blood. Be it Vizag or West Virginia, the family element stays strongly rooted in the hearts of Andhraites.

Enchanting impersonal long phone conversations, quality family time spent over weekends, helping each other in times of struggles and celebrating every day joys Р these are some of the magical things felt undeniably in Andhra families.

Tollywood’s connect with stories revolving around families in Andhra has its own charms on the audience who look forward to a clean entertainer on screen. There is this unexplained charisma when it comes to writing about a family story from Andhra, culminating multiple elements of love, togetherness, affections and sentiments.

Take a look at five excellent family entertainers in Tollywood that reflect true sentiments inside Andhra households. Scenic locales of Andhra, compelling stories and enticing visuals, they have them all.

1. Pandanti Kapuram – 1972

SVR-1024x576 5 Telugu Movies That Showcase True Andhra Families

An epic saga made in the seventies, Pandanti Kapuram is a well acclaimed film that received a massive response back in time. A simple story of a joint family, their hurdles and way back into unity from separation and adversity, the film continues to be a home DVD favorite all over the world. Acting legend S V Ranga Rao was at his surreal best with his portrayal as the main protagonist, who aspires his family to be together always.

2.  Seetharamaiah Gari Manavaralu Р1991

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A sweet simple tale of a grandfather and his grand daughter, Seetharamaiah Gari Manavaralu received amazing love from the audience who flocked to the theaters time and again to watch the movie. The film starred veteran Akkineni Nageshwara Rao as the Thatha (grandfather) and the 90’s beauty Meena as his affectionate manavaralu (grand daughter). The plot of a young girl visiting her father’s native village all the way from United States, only to be accepted by the family continues to make for an amazing watch.

3. Ninne Pelladatha – 1996

NP 5 Telugu Movies That Showcase True Andhra Families

Perhaps a little more faster and up beat, Ninne Pelladatha welcomed the dawn of a whole new era. Riddled with an exhaustive cast of actors, the film directed by Krishna Vamsi is a love story of two adorable lead characters, Srinu (Nagarjuna) and Pandu (Tabu). The fact that they are actually Baava and Maridelu (cousins who can be married) who meet in the weirdest of circumstances, connects instantly with the Telugu masses. The two love birds are parted roughly by their families with past differences, and later on fight it out all in the name of love.

Ninne Pelladatha received a major box office response with cash registers ringing, making the film one of the most popular Telugu films of the century.

4. Murari – 2001

Murari1-1024x576 5 Telugu Movies That Showcase True Andhra Families

A beautiful family setting somewhere in East Godavari district, with a supernatural spell haunting a family. Murari, starring prince Mahesh Babu, a heart throb of a million Andhraites was yet another rendition by director Krishna Vamsi (who became a trendsetter with family films). The film received a commendable applause from various quarters, due to elements like scenic locales of Andhra, powerful characters in the family and the end message of love and sacrifice.

5. Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu – 2013

SVSC 5 Telugu Movies That Showcase True Andhra Families

This endearing commercial popcorn entertainer starring Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu garnered a super hit reaction from the audience all over the world. SVSC as it’s called in short, struck an effective chord with the audience bored of routine popcorn entertainment thrust on the faces with mundane appeal. Simple family tale with real to life characters, subtle story telling about two brothers in search of their destiny, Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu touched the hearts of many brothers hailing from Andhra in search of their life’s work.




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