5 Telugu Actresses Who Looked Like Women In Our Homes

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Separating normal women and actresses is a cliched norm that we have been following since decades. Call it the irony or a way of how things are, any upgraded version with enhanced contours and gloss on her lips was considered different. They were called cinema heroines. In fact, I remember some of my more than mortal looking older cousins being fondly referred to as cinema heroines. A six year old me did not understand that. Perhaps I was too busy drooling over their long hair plaited perfectly or that hint of red nail polish chipping off here and there. Nevertheless, they were beautiful alright.

We grew up watching people on screen. Remember, these are real people in paint. Only for us. And we simply cannot deny falling for their charms. We may be all grown up (looking gorgeous ourselves, thanks to the new Health and Glow cum salon in the mall revolution), but yes, they were there. They wore perfect clothes. They dressed up like angels. They dazzled our hearts.

Here are five very important Telugu actresses of my life. Yes, this is serious business here. We will have our favorites in different languages, and Telugu is definitely not very far off. Particularly if you are born here and lived the cinema.

B Saroja Devi 

Bs-200x300 5 Telugu Actresses Who Looked Like Women In Our Homes

She kind of always looked like that aunt next door. B Saroja Devi, the actress who was always close to mortality and resembled somebody inside the house, was a warm touch to the screen. A look at her mannerisms and acting prowess would not throw you into the supernatural or angelic. Her presence will always remind you of someone very familiar. We keep thinking she looks like somebody but can’t get there. Maybe that nice maternal aunt. B Saroja Devi definitely was one of our own, picking up some real woman inside our home and manifesting into that body.

Jaya Prada 

Jaya 5 Telugu Actresses Who Looked Like Women In Our Homes

Bam!! And you will get Sagara Sangamam into your head. She definitely had that effect on the masses, men and women alike. Jaya Prada looked stunningly beautiful, be it in a simple half saree or a fully loaded Kanjeevaram, tucking that long hair of hers with jasmines.

The lady was a fine balance between the real and eternal. We simply had to choose what she was. She could be one of ours. She could not be.

Jaya Prada’s simple yet elegant styling in Vishwanath Garu’s films just compelled us to start pondering for resemblances. Maybe that best looking aunt or cousin in the family.

Bhanu Priya

Bp 5 Telugu Actresses Who Looked Like Women In Our Homes

“Ardham Chesukoru”!! The lady simply pulled it off for the entire middle class Telugu women in that film, Swarna Kamalam. Bhanu Priya may have been forced to wear alien outfits and dance like a robot opposite the megastar in most films, but she was something else in the rest. She was definitely a girl, a woman close to connecting within the household. Her impeccable ‘playing it under’ performances with minimal styling and maximum realness kept us wanting to see her more.


Sho 5 Telugu Actresses Who Looked Like Women In Our Homes

This is it. Always in awe of her. Only too bad that fashion has evolved since Shobana came and went. Her outfits were close to normal life.

Shobana could wear that good old ‘Punjabi dress’ and sport two plaits, adorning flowers and still look uninterested. She could be that lazy cousin in our house who was often clad in a half saree, too bored to get married. She was also that matured woman who had come off age with role and responsibility, sporting starchy cotton saris and that striking nose ring.

Whew!! As a little girl, she got me cornered, wanting to stare at her for hours!! Shobana did full justice to close to real life, bringing reality into fiction. In fact, I would call her the thriving life in the place of paint and gloss. Her acting was nothing short of admiration, a close shot to being real and colloquial.


gene 5 Telugu Actresses Who Looked Like Women In Our Homes

Only because of that high standard role of “Hasini” in Bommarillu. Genelia went ahead and represented the entirety of the hailing girl power. She just kept it so damn real, talking and walking like herself, being both playful and nice at the same time. Something that current young women so flaunt. I have been a little girl, I have been a teen, I’m now a mom and an aunt, and I would like to tame that little brat at home who resembles Genelia. And yes, there is one every home. Have a close look and you will spot her.



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