5 Signs To prove That You Are A True Blue ANDHRA

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Hailing from Andhra is a different high in itself. You will agree with this point even if you have slightest roots with the place. The beautiful land of kings, warriors, prosperity and proud lineage has a special foothold in the hearts of those who are an Andhraite. Simply put, starting from Hyderabad to Silicon Valley, Made In Andhra is always a brand!!

Here are the five telling signs that you are a TRUE BLUE Andhra by heart:

1. Family picks up debates to fight between NTR and ANR

NTRANR 5 Signs To prove That You Are A True Blue ANDHRA


You’ve spent a childhood where family dinners and lazy weekend-evenings with television were times to debate with your parents on who is better between the two, but most often, your choice is pre-determined by your surroundings. For once, if your family is a loyalist of a Nandamuri or an Akkineni, they continue to do so and the norm, regardless of any fact is to follow suit, for generations altogether and even now ! You know S V Ranga Rao might be your choice deep inside, but sometimes, it’s a matter of blood and some family pride too and you still fight for it !

2. Relishing innovative food combinations through the year

food 5 Signs To prove That You Are A True Blue ANDHRA

Beginning the day with the Upma Pesarattu may be a regular to you, but for festivals, you get over that little ‘Mohamatam’ (hesitation) deep inside to ask your ‘Amamma’ or your ‘Vadina’ in the kitchen if she has made Pulihora and Purnam Boorelu to savor alongside. You always insist on a Daddojanam alongside a Banana to wrap your dinner. And don’t even start on how important are ‘Putarekulu’ and ‘Ariselu’ to your life. No compromises here ,’Kudaradu Bujji’ you say for such habits wherever you travel !

3. Longing for a family-reunion on the Lanchi from Rajahmundry to Bhadrachalam

rajahmundry 5 Signs To prove That You Are A True Blue ANDHRA

A long holiday and a house, full of fun, frolic, food, noise, cousins, elders, colour, chaos but togetherness after all ! Your fetish is to travel and your grandparents’ wish to grab a share of ‘punyam’ in their quest for ‘moksham’. Your parents fret to find time out of their schedules, but your idea isn’t put to dust. What better than a ‘Lanchi’ and get your plan fixed ? Mixing ‘family interests’ and ‘pleasure’ under one roof, you see ! Away from home when that’s not a possibility, you re-watch Andala Ramudu or Godavari to make up for it, but that’s your idea of an ideal holiday! Some ‘Bhakti’, Some ‘Alaka’ but ‘Sampoorna Santosham’ !

4. Missing the evenings spent at Dhavaleswaram Anicut, Ramakrishna Beach

places 5 Signs To prove That You Are A True Blue ANDHRA

Talk about how much you have changed with time for your life-needs, you go on to realise certain things never change and can’t wipe memories ! Few such moments are those when you spent those glorious evenings standing by the Dhavaleswaram Anicut, settling down with the breeze, discussing topics ranging from your daily life with pals to the point about the significance of Sir Arthur Cotton brought about by your grandpa. Be it the inner-silences or the little noises of the waves tickling past your toes at the Ramakrishna Beach or the flowerly hues at a random Kadiam nursery or the coconut gardens gleaming enroute Konaseema, ‘Aa Anubhuti Veru, Aa Maja Ne Veru’ is what you want to say !

5. Flaunting your pride to be born in a land that gave birth to pioneers of various fields

andhra 5 Signs To prove That You Are A True Blue ANDHRA

While hearing names such as Gurajada Apparao, Potti Sriramulu, Kandukuri Veeresa Lingam, Alluri Seetharama Raju, Ghantasala Venkateswar Rao, Thallapaka Annamacharya, Sri Krishna Devaraya, Sarojini Naidu and Pingali Venkaih, your blood swells with pride that you are breathing the same air that these legends did few centuries ago and left their imprints ! Ee Gali, Ee Nela !

This apart, the constant fights between film fan groups of Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu and Prabhas, disssecting across the cults and sects, Andhra is full of enchanting everyday life escapades.




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