5 One Time Wonder Boys Who Failed To Make An Impact in Tollywood

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Film Industry is an extremely grinding and grueling place to sustain. If we can slightly modify the famous saying to ‘When the going gets tough, the tough and wise get going’, it would aptly suit the success or failure stories of our heroes. Being wise along with hard work is the key and failing to be so, will leave the heroes to be just one-time wonders.


Below is the list of 5 such chaps who dazzled initially and dwindled quickly.

Venkat – Also called the Sanjay Dutt of the South!!

Venkat 5 One Time Wonder Boys Who Failed To Make An Impact in Tollywood

He could have been the next big thing in Tollywood, when he was launched by Akkineni Nagarjuna in Sri Seetharamula Kalyanam Choothamu Rarandi. He had a great physique with model sorts of look which was a rarity that time. However, Venkat’s reckless judgment with the choice of movies ruined his career.  In fact, he stooped to such a level that he was also involved in doing an almost-B grade film. Well, that was bound to happen, when one doesn’t concentrate on making right decisions at right time. If he had learnt even a pie from his Annayya co-star Ravi Teja, he wouldn’t have been in such a deplorable condition now. Venkat is seen now and then in small-budget insignificant films which no one cares about. To have some laughs, you can watch his ridiculous role in Saleem.

Akash – Referred to as ‘Anandam’ Hero

akash 5 One Time Wonder Boys Who Failed To Make An Impact in Tollywood

One got to be lucky, to be the lead of a film like Anandam that struck a chord with entire Telugu audience. There was nothing really that Akash contributed to the film other than his good looks. The movie completely ran because of the Srinu Vytla’s perfection in comedy, supporting actors and some brilliant musical numbers from DSP. Instead of taking advantage of Anandam’s success and progress in his acting skills, he lethargically chose petty films. Probably Srinu Vytla felt pity for his situation and offered him brief (read as Bakra) appearances. Dhee and Namo Venkatesa had his character enter as a fiancée and leave as a Bakra who sacrifices the heroine to the hero. Recently this genius has ventured into direction of some third grade films.

Navadeep – That Chandamama Hero Kada?

navadeep-1024x682 5 One Time Wonder Boys Who Failed To Make An Impact in Tollywood

Gowtam SSC gave us an actor who was a perfect fit for guy-next-door roles. Navadeep’s ‘take-took-taken’ butler English scene in the same movie spoke volumes about his comic timing and confidence. Unfortunately, that’s his only  solo hit till date. Despite being a talented lad, he faced continuous failures because of the mediocre scripts he chose. Success knocked his door with Chandamama, in which he gave an impressive performance with hilarious acts. He was good as the selfish and sly friend in Arya-2. These two films encouraged him to do more and more multi-starrers. But this led to not getting enough screen space or recognition.  It’s high time he stops playing pointless roles and retrospect.

Kamal Kamaraju – Avakai Biryani Hero

Kamal 5 One Time Wonder Boys Who Failed To Make An Impact in Tollywood

Another actor falls into this category, is Kamal Kamaraju. Oh wait, did we call him a hero? Well, being tall, dark and handsome suffices to constitute a hero? May be not. Kamal got a significant full-length role in Shekar Kammula’s Godavari. He was adequate as the rich, petty minded fiancee. He then starred in a film called Avakai Biryani which was a disaster and Kamal can take its major credit with his awful acting skills. He has the unique ability to make a brightest scene impossibly dull. Whenever Kamal comes on screen, the famous Brahmi’s dialogue comes into the mind “ Aa  moham choodandi .Aaahhaahahaa…Parama boring moham”. Such is the effect of his lackluster acting! Good he is also focusing on his alternate career into art and architecture.

Tanish – Ekkado Vinnattey Vundi Peru (the name sounds familiar)

Tanish4 5 One Time Wonder Boys Who Failed To Make An Impact in Tollywood

The kiddo from Manmadhudu became a hero at the age of 17 through Ravi Babu’s Nachaavule. He played a teenager in Nachaavule, which he did aptly. However, this boy gradually seemed to have lost control on his looks. He kept bloating and started appearing awkward. Added to that, he still has that child-like voice which always hinders his output while playing the hero in his films.  Tanish did various love-stories after Nachaavule, but all of them bombed. Probably, he entered the arena too early and struggled between doing roles way above his age. As a result, he ended being a hero of hardly any value. Greed is good but not always, at least when it comes to making choice in career!



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