5 Great Misconceptions About The People Of Rayalaseema

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“Mokke Kada Ani Peekithey..Peeka Kostha” – Indra

Direct odd translation – “You pluck that plant and i will cut your throat”..Err..

It all started with movies. With all due respect to the nuances of film making, Rayalaseema had been the prime target for over the top performing arts. Too much of ‘Sumo’drama this. Irrespective of time and tide, essence of Rayalaseema region and its people has been creatively portrayed with unending dramatics. It comes as no surprise that for those who have actually not visited the place or known anyone from there, Rayalaseema became a scary figment of imagination.

For the lesser mortals, Seema is what is seen on the silver screen. White Lungis, punch dialogues, flying Tata Sumos, spiteful ‘Snehalatha Reddys’. The misconceptions continue to be on the rise, particularly as adrenaline treatment does not change with hero centered characters who are larger than life and villains who should ideally burn in hell.

Here are Five Great Misconceptions About Rayalaseema People

  1. Seema Is All About Rich Zamindars And Revenge Stories
indra 5 Great Misconceptions About The People Of Rayalaseema

Megastar Chiranjeevi Played the famous role of Indrasena Reddy in Indra

Thanks to the wonderful rendition of Tollywood stories, Rayalaseema is perceived as a place full of wealth, jobless Zamindars and their petty revenges with relatives and peers. On the contrary, Seema people hail from all classes. Not all of them are born with a silver spoon. They are hard working, industrious people who go out to work every single day. Every person in Seema region keeps himself or herself busy. They do not laze around.

  1. Rayalaseema Means Punch Dialogues and Death Threats

maryada-ramanna_m 5 Great Misconceptions About The People Of Rayalaseema

Another embarrassing myth. People from Seema region lead simple lives. All those hyped up lines like “Sye ante Sye aa”, “Peeka Kostha” and stuff are a complete fictional over reaction. God knows when this idea crept into the head of creative minds who went ahead with a mission to make the Megastars and Balayyas the front faces of Rayalaseema. Even though it’s kinda fun, the concept has now become an ugly habit that is very difficult to shake off.

  1. People From Rayalaseema Have The Habit of Hitting On Their Thighs and Settling Scores

Seema2 5 Great Misconceptions About The People Of Rayalaseema

Vengeance, vengeance in every frame. Its called Thoda Kottudu (hitting on the thigh) in Telugu. Meaning direct representation of male chivalry. Rayalaseema dramatization on screen has stolen away the real spirit of the kindred souls who live ultra peaceful lives. In the real sense, the people of Rayalaseema do not like getting involved in unnecessary feuds. They will, however, not take any bull shit lying down when push comes to shove. All that lifting the Lungi and hitting loudly on thighs calling for a payback – oh phullleeezzz!! Break it up.

  1. Mukesh Rishi, The Official Brand Ambassador of Rayalaseema

RFOmJN1439277032 5 Great Misconceptions About The People Of Rayalaseema

That poor man who came all the way from Bollywood to please the audience here. Mukesh Rishi has played most number of villains hailing from Rayalaseema. I wonder if there are as many real time Zamindars who exist, seething with anger. The talented Hindi speaking actor went great lengths to learn our language and fit the bill. And no, just to reiterate; he is not from Rayalaseema.

  1. Rayalaseema Women Lack Fashion Sense

Seema3 5 Great Misconceptions About The People Of Rayalaseema

Now, this is what is shown most times on screen. Women from the Seema region are always showcased in old fashioned silk sarees and decked in gold and diamonds, enough to buy an island. Come real life, most girls and women from Rayalaseema are extremely fashionable, successful and doing well for themselves all over the world.

Rayalaseema remains to get the adulation in a truly entertaining way, all thanks to showbiz. It is rather an absolute delight to know the real humans from the Seema region who have their own unique attributes, nothing short of magnanimity.



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