5 Amazing Lessons Learnt From Gundamma Katha

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Some films leave a remarkable impression on your mind as a child. Thanks to the Golden Era (Never before, never again, I’d say), we have been left with some unforgettable classics. These movies are not only timeless, they have also left amazing lessons to learn from.

I can easily associate the great Telugu film Gundamma Katha with my childhood as much as I correlate it with my grandmother’s good old authentic mango pickle and little silk parkinis and the large backyards to play in. I do remember watching the movie time and again for its simple yet amazing tale.

The story of two brothers reprised by two legendary greats – NTR and ANR. The brothers promise their father to go and seek the ideal daughters of one Lady Gundamma and get them home as their wives. Contrary to the latest commercial blockbusters with tacky skin shows and unwarranted gore of violence, Gundamma Katha is an everlasting story that shines values and ideals on Telugu families eternally.

Here are the five amazing lessons learnt from the film. Every time is a first time I watch the movie, be it for the majestic S V Ranga Rao Gaaru or the ever versatile Suryakantham who played the title role with effortless ease.

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1. Value Your Family

No matter how far you go and what you achieve in life, your family is your anchor. The basic storyline reflects nothing but supporting and upholding your people above all. The character Rambhadraiah played by SVR exudes brilliance, bringing sentiments and hearts together. The ideal brothers Anjaneya Prasad (played by NTR) and Raja (ANR) are all about great upbringing, fulfilling promises by staging a fake charade at Gundamma’s house. The families bond together at the end, standing by each other and that’s how it needs to be done. In the era of smartphones and Whatsapp, this is a very important lesson to keep replaying in our minds.

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2. Be That Modern Woman, But Don’t Sway

This is one adorable part in the film. The role Saroja played by talented actress of yesteryears Jamuna talks about the changing times. The women who were confined to the kitchens were slowly coming out. Saroja is a pampered child of Gundamma who had to be fixed with her laziness and vain by Raja, only to turn her into a woman of patience and grace.

So we can be the women we want to be, but we can also be ideal and grounded at the same time. Swaying and lethargy invites nothing but troubles.

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3. Stand Up For Your People, Even If They Shun You

Who can forget the absolutely enchanting role played by the legendary actress Savitri as Lakshmi. The protagonist who is shown as the step daughter of Gundamma is often ill- treated. But when times change for good with her, Lakshmi never walks away. She comes back to take care of her step mother, forgiving all her misgivings.
Stand up for your family even if they behave badly, for it only shows the great side of your personality.

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4. Be That Mighty Protector

Anji, the man who comes to work at Gundamma’s house actually is Anjaneya Prasad in disguise, who comes there with a mission to understand the situation. The role played by NTR is super adorable and gets your attention. Years may pass but you will want to go back and watch Anji protect Lakshmi and the rest of the members at Gundamma’s house, proving to be an ideal son-in-law.

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5. Good Always Wins Over The Evil

The movie comes to an admirable end when Gundamma realises her folly and evil doings and blesses both her daughters to be happily married forever. There is a strong emotion felt inside, affirming to us time and again that good not only wins but changes the evil within.

These are some of the most vital lessons learnt from Gundamma Katha. I’m so looking forward to showing the film to my son in the years ahead. Who knows what’s next after the Facebook generation. We may need these movies forever!!

To Gundamma Katha, with Love.



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