4 Years of Gabbar Singh – The Magic Continues..

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Arey O Samba…Raasko Raa..

The panache, the style, the craze, and the man. Power Star Pawan Kalyan is known to the entire world for his many eccentricities and attributes. The actor who carved a niche for himself, being called as ‘more than human’, and ‘less than routinely understandable’. Pawan Kalyan’s film, Gabbar Singh was released on this day, like four years ago. But still, it feels as if Pawan continues to make the fat goons play Antakshari on screen.

The film Gabbar Singh is also well acclaimed for its catchy lines and punch dialogues. An out and out fare that showcases the best of Pawan and what it takes to be called as a Power Star. Four years gone by, the lines and visuals are fresh in mind, luring people to watch the film time and again.

Nenu time ni nammanu.. na timing ni nammuthanu

The film that was directed by Harish Shankar proved to a remarkable comeback of sorts for PK’s career. It had been quite some time that the Telugu audience had seen a ‘Kushi’ like roaring success coming from the star. More than the celebrity element, Pawan Kalyan has a certain tremendous, larger than life kind of influence on his fans. Young crowd follows and adores this Indian ‘Che Guevara’ who never hesitates to do name calling in the world of dirty politics when it really matters. Pawan Kalyan is simply not scared of anything. He has proved that time and again, without the real guns involved.

pawan-kalyan-in-gabbar-singh1 4 Years of Gabbar Singh - The Magic Continues..

Naakkonchem Tikkundi.. Kaanee Daaniko Lekkundi..

Gabbar Singh connects heavily with Pawan Kalyan’s innate human nature. That unpredictable thinker who does not hesitate to launch a Jana Sena movement when the nation needs one. Gabbar Singh does what he likes and when he wants it to happen. Nobody would have a slightest idea about what’s going to happen next. PK will not think twice before voicing out his deepest view, which could prove both dangerous and risky for his own career. He does it anyway.

Vadu na fan, nenu chepina okkate na fan chepina okkate

Pawan’s fans, just like their volatile star, follow the path and launch a war for the Visakha Railway Zone to become a reality. They just go with the flow, take the momentum into their hands, sporting the JS tees. Interestingly, they wouldn’t have been directed by Pawan himself to question the system. They do these things involuntarily and independently.

For most of his fans and people who love the trademark Pawan Kalyan magic on screen, he and the character Gabbar Singh are never two different entities. They are one and the same.

The sequel may not have fared as expected, but will there be another Gabbar Singh in Pawan’s career? We wonder and also look forward.



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