10 Actresses From North Who Look Like Telugu Girls

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For the last three decades, Mumbai has been the most sought after place for bringing the heroines on board in Tollywood. This import process is pretty much vigorous even now. However, only some of them could stay as favorites for longer time. The reason for this is pretty straight forward. It is their looks of a ‘Telugu Girl’, or their honest efforts to look like one.

Here is a list of 10 actresses imported from North to Tollywood who could spell that mass magic.

1. Nagma

Nagma 10 Actresses From North Who Look Like Telugu Girls

After starting out with an unsuccessful career in the B-town, she tried her luck in Tollywood. Within no time, Nagma became a star. She played a modern Telugu girl umpteen number of times, often as a daughter of some rich dad.  The veteran actress Saritha used to lend her voice and the combination of these women was mind-blowing. Nagma redefined attitude. Some of the most memorable roles where she played that arrogant Telugu girl in films like Gharana Mogudu, Allari Alludu and Rikshavodu. She later went back to Bollywood and is currently into Bhojpuri films and a bit of Politics as well.

2. Simran

Simran 10 Actresses From North Who Look Like Telugu Girls

A series of forgettable films in Mumbai later, Simran, the original Punjabi Kudi came to the South. She spell a magic and how. Though relatively she did more films in Tamil than Telugu, she got equal love from the Telugu audience. In fact she flaunted a lot of following. Fans wanted her to pair with their respective favorite heroes. Especially in Nuvvu Vastavani and Kalisundam Raa, her image as a next door Telugu girl had a huge impact. Not to forget her blockbuster films with Balakrishna – Samarasimha Reddy and Narasimha Naidu doubled her fan count. Later, she disappeared and barely acted in Telugu. Her last significant appearance was in Okka Magaadu as a grandmother to Balakrishna. Currently, she is into TV soaps and seemed to have found a strong foothold.

3. Sonali Bendre

Sonali 10 Actresses From North Who Look Like Telugu Girls

The next in this list is Sonali Bendre. Well, if you observe a good portion of this list is occupied by the heroines who have worked with Krishna Vamshi. Yes he is an expert in transforming any girl to our Kona Seema Ammayi. What happens when a Barbie doll comes into life and given a Mangalagiri saree to wear?. Sonali played the role of Vasu in Murari with so much ease and lot of reliability. This tall beauty , though did a handful of films in Telugu, has a good fan following in the masses. She was seen aside Chiranjeevi in Indra and BalaKrishna in Palnati Brahmanaidu. A notable performance was in Manmadhudu, where she played an independent and a confident Telugu woman.

4. Bhumika Chawla

Bhumika 10 Actresses From North Who Look Like Telugu Girls

Bhumika Chawla also falls into this category. She enthralled Tollywood at the dawn of the new Millennium. Though her debut Yuvakudu didn’t bring her any accolades, it was the 2001 blockbuster Khushi which made her popular and made her bag a Filmfare Award.  Her popularity started increasing linearly with movies like Snehamante Idera and Vaasu. The big break however, came in the form of Okkadu, where she played a village damsel. Her introduction song ‘Nuvvem Maaya Chesaavo’ made her absolutely convincing as a Telugu girl. Later, she appeared as Misamma and received a huge applause from the audience. In a witty and confident role, Bhumika spontaneously stole the hearts.


5. Shriya Saran

Shriya 10 Actresses From North Who Look Like Telugu Girls

Shriya Saran is another heroine who is embraced as a Telugu girl. She rose to fame with Santosham in 2002 and there was no looking back since then. This girl from Dehradun, when draped in a saree, suddenly transforms into a Telugu beauty. Remember the ‘Chinnaga Chinnaga’ song from Tagore or even the recent Manam where she played a village damsel? She has a rare feat of acting with heroes of all orders, ranks and age. The spectrum is vast, right from Tharun to Balakrishna to Rajinikanth. What makes Shriya stand apart is her ability to look exactly how she was 15 years ago – ageless!  From the Santosham days to the recent Gopal Gopala, her looks as a Telugu girl is unwavering.


6. Gracy Singh

Gracy 10 Actresses From North Who Look Like Telugu Girls

She gave one time appearance,, almost a touch and go in the film Santhosham starring with Nagarjuna. Gracy Singh bore striking Telugu looks in the movie that connected with many. Even though her role was also quite minimal and few forgettable movies later, Gracy managed to stir some Telugu connect.


7. Late Aarthi Agarwal

Aarthi 10 Actresses From North Who Look Like Telugu Girls

It was in September 2001 and probably the end of Quarterly exams in schools. After the exams, the school going teens thronged to theaters to watch this new actress called ‘Aarthi Agarwal’. She instantly mesmerized the youth of Andhra Pradesh. Delivering some great Telugu dialogues penned by Trivkram and dancing to ‘Okka Saari Cheppaleva’ in that blue saree, Aarthi quickly became a ‘Telugu’ girl. She is undoubtedly half the reason for Nuvvu Naaku Nachav to get repetitive viewing by audience. She became a star overnight with offers pouring in to act along the superstars of Tollywood. Her baby-doll like eyes and a slightly roly-poly look made her the Telugu girl anyone would fall for. Sadly, this beauty had to depart recently. She will be missed greatly. A heavenly beauty gone too soon!


8. Charmme Kaur

Charmme 10 Actresses From North Who Look Like Telugu Girls

Who would even expect that a Punjabi girl, who studied in Mumbai would come to Tollywood and dub for another Mumbai heroine one day?  The charming Charmme has this rarest achievement to her credit. She dubbed for Kajal Aggarwal in the film Chandamama. She is probably the first Mumbai heroine to learn Telugu so well and quick. She looks absolutely like the next door Telugu girl that you would love to talk to. Charmme came into limelight with Sri Anjaneyam in 2004, where the ‘Punjabi kudi’ became a ‘Putthadi bomma’ playing a village girl named Shivangi. Charmme is one actor who can dub for herself. When all the non-Telugu Tollywood heroines didn’t bother to learn the language, the lovely lass made an effort to attain fluency. Indeed, Charmme is a Telugu girl by looks and heart too.  Contemporary stars like Samantha, Rakul Preet Singh and Rashi Khanna are now following her path.


9. Saloni Aswani

Saloni 10 Actresses From North Who Look Like Telugu Girls

She did this one film Maryada Ramanna, playing the character of a girl from Andhra. Saloni may not be a box office actress but pulled off a Telugu girl imagery rather effectively in whatever films she had demanding that aspect.


10. Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal 10 Actresses From North Who Look Like Telugu Girls

One example of an actress who originally doesn’t look like a Telugu girl, but made some honest efforts to look like one is Kajal Aggarwal. Right from her debut movie (Lakshmi Kalyanam, she tried to win the hearts by presenting herself in those Langaa-vonis. With Magadheera, she joined the top heroines list. Kajal won a great number of fans by playing Mitravinda, a beautiful princess. The youth got completely smitten by her. The next year she impressed with Darling, followed by Mr. Perfect where she mesmerized as an educated and soft hearted village girl. Looking at her persistent hard work to be loved as a Tollywood heroine , one can easily say she is  an ‘Achamaina Telugu ammayi’ on silver screen.



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