Young Women of Amaravati Will be Pepped By Motwani, That Brings Back Inspiring Memories

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Year 2001 – two significant incidents happened in course of my MBA days. First, running into Mr Chandrababu Naidu, the then chief minister of United Andhra Pradesh at a reservoir inauguration in Nalgonda and second, falling in love with one of the significant management case studies of those days. I think her greatness continues to tread on, overturning the then male dominated automobile industry and propelling her family business to astounding heights. Sulajja Firodia Motwani, one of the happening women leaders of the country and the torch bearer of Kinetic Motor Company Limited had cast a lasting impression on my young management mind back in time. Bells rang loud after seeing her name in the list of delegates who would be attending the National Women’s Parliament to be held in Amaravati this year.

The guest list is a magnanimous opportunity for the young girl students of Andhra Pradesh. Sulajja is one of the many pioneers who would showcase examples of transforming leadership, innovation, making to the top against all odds and setting an impressionable example in the society.

Sulajja Motwani had it all handed on a silver platter, being the grand daughter of the Kinetic Legend and all. Instead, she chose the rough path of scaling up from scratch by joining the sales team of the company as a young trainee. Her story is a tale of determination, struggle and steering the male dominated sphere to throw doors wide open to a woman’s leadership.

She didn’t have it easy, and neither did any of the delegates who would be making it to the event. For me, Motwani is an impeccable role model who constantly reminds of best examples from the case studies of Kinetic Motor Company. Imagine a bunch of such rich individuals educating and sharing knowledge with the young women of Andhra.

The experience is going to be rewarding, enriching and unforgettable. Imagining Sulajja Motwani inspiring girls at Amaravati gives me incredible amount of joy and comfort, and I’m going to sorely miss witnessing the same.

What Mr Chandrababu Naidu is doing now for the young girls of the Sunrise State will go far in churning out the future potent women leaders from the state. This year’s Women’s National Parliament is going to be unique and striking, I can vouch for that.



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