Young Minds Should Stop Imagining Govt Offices As Concentration Camps And Join The Forces

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Andhra Pradesh state government is neck deep at work, and this is a statement coming directly from real time scenario. There is a mounting pressure from top to bottom in the hierarchy. While the teams that are functioning at the moment are a fair mix of conservative and modern minds, there is a still large void felt. The same has also been expressed by the Chief Minister on several occasions.

For a state like Andhra which is grappling under mountainous a pressure to perform, deliver and build, there is every need for the young folks to join the forces. Going by the traditional prejudice that constantly prevails in the society, young kids these days hesitate to collaborate with government. These are clearly not the days when people look up to government jobs as a blessing, as there is a lot of startup and tech culture that is rampant and generating better revenue.

There is more to this than what meets the eye. The main issue lurks in the form of inherent assumptions thrown at us coming down from the generations. The fuzzy visual of lazy environment and stinking washrooms should be erased from the young minds. The governance and the governing offices are as comfortable and well furnished as the regular corporate. Fear of bureaucracy is real. However, sincere effort is being made and felt to welcome and create core teams that comprise of new age professionals and subject matter experts. Heads of the governing departments are making a reach to tap the deserving talent and engage them with a fitting compensation. What still needs to go is the persistent mind block. Young achievers can now stop visualizing government offices like concentration camps.

Instead of brainstorming path breaking ideas on a social media timeline that will soon get extinct, kids can come forth and render support to the real time governance. There are several ways to hold productive discussions that will reach out to the core team of the Chief Minister. Adding to that, AP Fest is here, and if some of you think that there are ideas that can actually create a phenomenon, here is an honest appeal – go for it.



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