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The students here come from the modest of backgrounds. But their dreams and vision are beyond all barriers. Tucked away warmly in Yazali, the Zilla Parishad High School is not just one among many others. The reason being obvious – students and teachers who constantly apply innovative approach into learning methods.

The humble high school that was established in the year 1961 has grown leaps and bounds. There were struggling years too, when the school had a huge catchment area of twenty years, where it had lost its importance because of various changes that have been made in the primary and secondary educational system in the state.

There was one time when the school had barely 12 students who were appearing for the class 10 examination. Awareness was highly deficient back in time when parents would refuse to send their children to school.

Picture2 Yazali Zilla Parishad School - Taking Learning to Next Level

The phenomenal metamorphosis

The school thrived in the midst of challenges. Commitment level of the teaching staff was significantly low because of lack of motivation. Then there was a consistent drop out level among the children right from elementary to secondary school, because of several factors – resistance from the parents to send their little ones to such distances for study.

The school had gradually picked up in a steady manner. This happened thanks to the persisting work from the old students of the school who decided to not to give up so easily. “There were certain batches during the periods 1970 and 80 when all the students who had appeared for class ten public examination had failed. The school neither had a well stocked laboratory or library” recalls Lakshmi Narasimha, an ex student highly proactive and involved in the school’s progress.

Picture3 Yazali Zilla Parishad School - Taking Learning to Next Level

Transformation backed with perseverance

The road to renovation was far from comfortable. But that did not deter the seniors from going on with their mission. The entire village understood the spirit and came forward to pitch in. A new model was developed for the Zilla Parishad School, where the syllabus and the infrastructure were worked on. The quality of education was revisited and improved. New teaching staff were recruited who had synergy for development and carried enthusiasm. The results are clearly visible.

Perhaps one of the only highly motivated Zilla Parishad Schools

The efforts have paid off considerably well. The students who study at Yazali Zilla Parishad School are a set of confident and focused individuals. The little kids have plans that surpass all constraints.

A perennial 100% pass rate has been ongoing with the SSC public examinations. Students look forward to make their students more innovative and research backed.

picture5 Yazali Zilla Parishad School - Taking Learning to Next Level

School with Virtual Classrooms

The high school now has started the virtual classroom to connect with the expert teaching staff from all over the world. The government of AP had extended considerable support in the matter. The seat of learning now gets the attention of all the bureaucrats and policy makers who now aspire to replicate the model in the rest of the districts.

“We constantly remind our students that only when the thoughts and deeds of a man are pure and the character is spotless, he will become an ideal citizen and a human being. Our education here is not just confined to the regular text books” says Lakshmi Narasimha. We are also conducting special coaching classes for the students appearing for public examination like SSC along with providing the nutritious food. Our high school students are now appearing for National Means Cum Merit Scholarship Scheme (NMMSS).”
You can help develop the school better

The Zilla Parishad School at Yazali seeks assistance with laboratory and virtual classrooms to take the development to the next level. The goal is to make available state of the art infrastructure to the schools at village level.

“There is so much of talent in the kids here, all they lack is proper learning equipment. More help can definitely turn things around” says Lakshmi.

Those who wish to contribute to the betterment of the school or learn the best practices can reach out to the following association:

Old Students’ Association, Yazali Zilla Parishad Government High School,

Yazali Village, Guntur District (Andhra Pradesh)

Contact: 9985426232.



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